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Spotlight: Grand Beach

Hit the shore in Winnipeg’s favorite vacation getaway

The words “beach” and “prairie” don’t always go together, but in Manitoba’s Grand Beach, the two concepts live side-by-side quietly nicely.

Located just one hour north of Winnipeg on Highway 59, the area has enjoyed the status as one of the favorite destinations of the Keystone Province. It’s not hard to see why. Sitting on the northern edge of the small town of Grand Marais, Grand Beach boasts almost two miles broad, sandy beaches on the gentle shores of Lake Winnipeg.

Beachcombers can walk the fine sand and scale the many dunes, which rise as high as 7 feet above the beach. Plant a beach umbrella and sit down to read a book—there’s lots of room on the uncrowded shore. Active RV travelers can enjoy bird watching, cycling and fishing along the beach. Lovers of extreme sports can partake in kiteboarding, in which board riders skim along the water, towed by a kite that catches the ample winds over the lake.


Shahnoor Habib Munmun

Shahnoor Habib Munmun

A boardwalk at the west end of the beach offers food and shopping, and change rooms and plumbed washrooms are available all along the beach. Bring a basket and pick the ample Saskatoon, chokecherry and blueberries that grow around the beach.

Originally a home of the indigenous Metis people, Grand Beach grew to become a popular resort among Manitobans beginning in the early 20th century. Taking advantage of the rail line established between the beach and Winnipeg, beachgoers flocked to the area in droves and spun their partners on the area’s Dance Pavillion. Sadly, the dance hall burned down in a 1950 fire, but the spirit of fun and frivolity prevails along the sandy stretch of Manitoba.

After a day on the beach, take the drive back to Winnipeg, where all of the comforts of a big city await visitors.

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