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Spotlight: Cavendish

Tour the island community that spawned a big bestseller

Cavendish attracts book lovers and beachcombers in equal measure. Located on the northern coast of Prince Edward Island, the region that spawned the literary sensation, Ann of Green Gables, seems frozen in time, recalling period when life moved at a slower pace and a tight-knit community looked after its own.

A great place to start is the Green Gables house, the residence that inspired author Lucy Maude Montgomery to pen the classic novel. Published in 1908, the story of a precocious redheaded orphan became a perennial bestseller, and the residence has been preserved in its original condition. Now part of the Prince Edward Island National Park, the structure, with its distinctive gables, draws thousands of book buffs every years to walk the property that sparked the idea of a classic literary character.

In addition to touring the house and surrounding grounds, fans of the novel can attend the Anne of Green Gables stage play in Charlottetown. Buy copies of the book, dolls and other Anne-related memorabilia at the Anne of Green Gables Store, and learn about the time of innocence that spawned the book.

Peter Broster

Peter Broster

Back to the Beach

After you’ve scratched your literary itch, head to Cavendish Beach, where the scenery is eclipsed only by the fun that you can have on the water. Known for its creamy sand and red sandstone cliffs, the area is home to deep sea fishing, horseback riding, parasailing and kayaking. Take a ride on a nearby roller coaster then hit the links at the Cavendish Golf Club.

Cavendish Beach is surrounded by small farming communities and fishing villages with an atmosphere all their own. Shop for antiques and unique art crafted by local artisans.

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