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North Platte

Slow your roll at a railroad buff’s heaven

Trains from across the continent mix and mingle in the world’s largest railroad yard in southwest Nebraska. But there’s more this plains destination than rolling thunder. Feel the warmth of Midwestern hospitality, uncover the state’s colorful past at historic sites, and stay active in scenic parks and shimmering lakes.

Take in the World’s Biggest Railroad Yard

Rail buffs from far and wide flock to North Platte to watch the action in the Union Pacific Baily Yard, the largest railroad classification yard on Earth. Spanning 2,850 acres (equivalent to 2,800 football fields), this sprawling complex manages more than 150 trains and 10,000 rail cars every day. About 3,000 rail cars are sorted in the east and west yards known as “hump” yards. From there, they’re connected to trains which then depart to different destinations. You can see all of this taking place from the Golden Spike Tower. Enclosed in glass and eight stories high, this perch offers panoramic views of Baily Yard so you won’t miss any of the action. When you’re done taking in the sights, go down to the first floor to explore the Hall of Fame exhibit, courtyard and gift shop.

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For more railroad fun, head to the Cody Park Railroad Museum. You’ll find plenty of historic artifacts here including the Challenge 3900 series steam locomotive, the only one accessible to the public, and the largest 6900 series diesel locomotive ever built. The museum also features a restored railroad depot, caboose, and a variety of rail cars.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Buffalo Bill

William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody was the man behind the famous Wild West Show. He built his home in North Platte during the height of his fame in the late 1800s. Today, that area is known as the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park. Here, visitors can take a tour of Buffalo Bill’s restored house and barn, and gaze at an impressive collection of Cody memorabilia. On your way out of North Platte, stop by the Fort Cody Trading Post to see Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in miniature. Featuring 20,000 hand-carved figurines, this display is one of the biggest single folk art exhibits in the United States.

Beautiful Spaces Burst with Outdoor Fun

Outdoor enthusiasts will never experience a dull moment thanks to a variety of recreation areas. Anglers can catch bass, walleye, catfish and crappies in Jeffrey Lake. Nature lovers can spot Bald Eagles in Sutherland Reservoir during the winter months. Hikers can enjoy scenic strolls along the North Platte Trails Network. Potter’s Pasture mountain bike trail also offers some of the best mountain biking in the state with its easy, moderate and difficult paths. Golf is a popular pastime here, too. Top courses include Indian Meadows, Iron Eagle, Lake Maloney and River’s Edge.

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