RV.net eMagazine – May 2008

Welcome to the first edition of the RV.net Open Roads eMagazine. As a new monthly offering, we will include some top-level content, including destinations, how-to articles, videos of interest, connection tips, plus much more. And who knows, you may someday find your forum string or blog comment here! Enjoy!
Cape Dissapointment WHERE TO
On the Trail – Cape Dissapointment
by Ron Dalby
In the eastern United States, the ultimate historical accolade is, “George Washington slept here.” Out West, however, a place Washington never visited, the ultimate accolade is, “Lewis and Clark camped here.”… Read the story
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5th wheel Towing - Unsafe Mounting Practices HOW TO
5th Wheel Towing – Unsafe Mounting

by ib516

I came across this video by Pull-Rite about the hazards of mounting a hitch behind the truck axle, and thought it to be valuable information. Here’s the scoop: This video takes a look at the more radical ideas… Read the story
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Bigfoot's Sleek Travel Trailer NOW OUT
Roadtrek SS-Agile on the NEW Sprinter Van

Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. recently announced that its very successful limited run SS-Agile class B motorhome has been improved and adapted to the completely redesigned Mercedes-built Sprinter van. At only 19½ feet long, the SS (”Short Sprinter”) is… Read the story
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Open Roads Forum Buzz: Meet Chad, a computer programmer who’s built his own 5th Wheel. See his inspiring video online and join the discussion on this thread.
Email Choices on the Road STAYING CONNECTED
Email Choices on the Road

by Chris Guld

Do you know the difference between web-based and client-based email, and why you would choose to use one over the other? Read the story
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Terms- Shutter Speed GOOD MEMORIES
Terms – Shutter Speed
by Jon Vermilye
When capturing scenes on film, choosing shutter priority rather than the program mode can make a big difference in the final appearance of your photos. Read the story
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Fuel Economy Tips SAVING PENNIES
Fuel Economy Tips
by Mark Polk
I for one am not going to let sky rocketing fuel prices change my plans for using and enjoying our RV. So, with that said and a motor home that averages 7 to 8 miles to a gallon I am forced to find ways to save on fuel… Read the story
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Hungry? — Campfire Pies by Lil’Darlin1972
My mom told me about these a couple of years ago and now we are hooked. Every time my kids have friends camping with us they want to make them. Ingredients & Instructions
Hey Ranger! Leave it to the Beaver HUMOR CORNER
Hey Ranger! Leave it to the Beaver
by Jim Burnett
One of the interesting things about a park ranger’s job is that just when you think you’ve exhausted most of the list of weird situations, you encounter one that’s totally off the map. That was the case for me one day at Willow Beach, Arizona, a popular fishing spot in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Read the story
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“Space Aliens Choose Airstream”
by Sean Michael
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