RV Camp Etiquette: Be a Good (Campsite) Neighbor

A family gathers around a campfire.

Camp Etiquette

Like everyone else at a camp, you just want to have a good time. And while nobody intends to be a nuisance, without proper consideration it’s bound to happen. To avoid any undesirable interactions and keep the good times rolling, we’ve put together a list of camp etiquette best practices.

Here are a few things to remember in order to be the best campground neighbor ever.

Say “Hello.” Once you’ve secured a campsite introduce yourself to your campsite neighbors. Knowing your neighbors helps with campsite security while you are away from your site, and may come in handy if you forgot any items at home, like aspirin or sunscreen.

Keep it quiet! Don’t blare the radio, stereo or TV – especially late at night or early in the morning – when others are trying to sleep. Ask your campsite neighbors if the radio or TV is too loud. Better yet, wear a headset if you are outside or windows are open.

No trespassing. If you’re walking around the campground, do not walk through other campsites, even if it would make it easier to get to washrooms, dumpster or other park locations. Walking through another person’s campsite is a major no-no. Respect your neighbors’ privacy and stay on the roads and pathways.

Pet etiquette Keep your pet on a leash at all times. Many RVers love animals but they don’t want your dog running through their campsite. Also, stop excessive barking, and don’t leave a howling dog unattended.

More pet peeves. Pick up after your dog. Nothing spoils a walk more than stepping in dog-doo. Bring a scoop or plastic bag to pick up and dispose of properly. Special bags can be found at pet supply stores. Some camp stores carry them as well.

Around the Campfire. Keep your voices down around the campfire late at night. If your group gathers to sing and talk around the campfire, understand that many other campers are trying to sleep.

Late arrivals, early departures. If you arrive late at a park, try to keep set-up to a minimum. Your neighbors will be more understanding if they don’t have to listen to loud voices, slamming doors or an idling engine. Use the same consideration if you have to leave early the next morning. Don’t forget to tidy your campsite the night before.

Keep it clean! Don’t leave trash at your campsite. The smell alone may bring unwelcome furry visitors while you sleep or when you leave your site for a hike. Take your trash to the park-provided garbage bin and recycling containers. This also includes the sewer hookups; if you make a mess, clean it up!

Generator Guidelines. Be mindful of where your AC-generator’s exhaust is going; try not to choke out your neighbors with stinky fumes. And always heed the campground’s generator hours; if none are posted, use good judgement and keep it quiet, generally between 10pm and 8am. If you’re worried about the fumes or the noise, ask your neighbors if it bothers them. Believe us, they’ll tell you.