Moab Travel Council Invites You

Moab has numerous trails suitable for ATVs. Much of the public land surrounding the nearby National Parks is open to ATV travel on existing trails. But Moab has many other things to offer the traveler. Canyonlands National Park (32 miles southwest of Moab) is the largest National Park in Utah, and its diversity staggers the imagination. The easiest way to see the park is with a visit to the Island in the Sky district. The Island in the Sky offers many pullouts, with spectacular views along the paved scenic drive. Hiking trails and four-wheel-drive roads access backcountry areas for day or overnight trips.

Hot Air Ballooning? Imagine ascending to greet the sunrise as you drift among geologic wonders created when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Behold the fragile sandstone formations of Arches National Park as the 13,000-foot La Sal Mountains cast long shadows upon the town of Moab and Canyonlands National Park. As you drift over the river-carved canyons of the Colorado River, let the pilot and wind be your navigator while you capture photographic images that will last a lifetime.

Birdwatching? Among the canyons, arches, river and mountains that surround Moab is an abundant wildlife offering living wonders as graceful and beautiful as the scenery. Moab is a natural setting for birds that are unique to the Southwest, offering wetlands, canyons and high nesting areas for birds whose habitats change with the seasons. Moab offers numerous picturesque locations for birding.

Enjoy fishing? What’s your preference…trout or catfish? Bait or fly? Lake or River? Moab has it all, with the Colorado River offering many sandy beaches from which anglers can try their luck at cat fishing. Great trout fishing can be found in the beautiful lakes and streams of the nearby La Sal Mountains. Whispering pines, quaking aspens, bubbling brooks, all of nature’s music harmonizes into a beautiful symphony, making a family outing in the forest an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a game of golf? The Moab Golf Course is one of the most visually appealing in the state with its contrast of smooth, bright greens set amid rough, eroded red cliffs and boulders. Don’t stop there…discover are many more activities suited for every desire. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, photography, road biking, rock climbing, skydiving and winter activities abound.

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