Sean & Kristy Michael

Sean and Kristy Michael 250Sean and Kristy Michael are world travelers of sorts, having collected passport stamps in faraway places like Moldova, Poland, Guatemala, Argentina, and Japan. But none of that globetrotting prepared the couple for their ultimate adventure together: owning an RV!

After getting married in the Florida Keys, they spent their wedding night in their newly purchased recreational vehicle — a 25-foot Airstream travel trailer. Instead of jaunting off to honeymoon on a posh Pacific island, the newlyweds hitched up their trusty Ford diesel truck (nicknamed “SEEMORE”) and started exploring America.

Their long, long honeymoon journey has stretched over 70,000 miles, ranging from Key West (the southernmost point in the United States) all the way up to Banff, Alberta (that’s in Canada, eh?). They have camped in every conceivable environment, from scenic national parks to exotic Wal-Mart parking lots.

A writer and filmmaker, Sean totes his video camera everywhere, relentlessly documenting the experience. And in addition to Sean’s filmmaking equipment, the couple always packs their sense of humor. Their blog explores the lighter side of RV life; or as Kristy says, “the fun stuff!”

You can catch Sean and Kristy’s latest RV adventures (including all of their videos in glorious high-definition) on their website: When not aboard their Airstream, the newlyweds divide their time between homes in Alabama and Florida. But you can always reach them via email at [email protected].

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