JWalker and Husband C.
JWalker is a retired landscape company CEO, 3/4 time RV’er, and amateur geocacher.
On Dec 20, 2004, JWalker literally stumbled onto a hobby sport known as Geocaching. Since that monumental day, she and her husband have endeavored to combine their addiction to the sport with their love of traveling and seemingly insatiable appetite for adventure.
Aug. 21, 2006 was also a monumental day for the couple, as that was the day they closed on the sale of their Landscape business. The sale of the business enabled them to retire at the ripe old age of 47 and head out on the open road to experience the freedom that comes with the RV lifestyle.
JWalker is the former Chairperson of the Great Smoky Mountains Geocaching Club, based in East Tennessee. She has been invited by her local Bass Pro Shop to teach classes on the fundamentals of Geocaching and GPS instruction. Additionally, she has been called upon to give Geocaching presentations to local law enforcement, and other government officials, in order to educate them about the positive aspects Geocaching brings to their communities.
Her homebase is Knoxville, TN but most of the year will find she and her husband workamping their way across the US in their 32 ft Dynamax Class C, joined by their resident furball, Kitty Cait.
JWalker’s Geocaching nickname is “fluffy&itchy” (she is “fluffy” and hubby is “itchy”). It is their hope that you find the chronicles of their caching adventures both entertaining and informative.

To learn more about JWalker, visit her and her husband’s geocaching profile at www.geocaching.com. (Note: free account and login required at Geocaching.com to view profiles.)