ib516ib516 grew up around cars and has always held an interest in anything with wheels. His father owned and managed a GM dealership while he was a kid. After high school, he went on to study engineering at a local university and then worked for a summer as a private investigator leading to his getting the law enforcement “bug”. Choosing to pursue that career path, he took a course of study in Criminal Justice specializing in law enforcement. A few months after graduating with honors, he was one of 16 new police officers hired out of a pool of 1400+ applicants.

After putting in time slugging it out as a general duty officer, his engineering background allowed him to have the privilege of taking some specialized training in collision investigation at various cities in Canada – from Edmonton to Ottawa. ib516 received training from the foremost experts in the field of collision investigation. ib516 is currently a level 4 Collision Reconstructionist (the highest level) and has had the opportunity to testify as an expert witness in Criminal courts in Canada on numerous occasions. He’s the one called when the worst happens on our roads, and is tasked with putting the pieces back together to find out what everyone wants to know: “What happened?”

ib516 says:

I love my job and the variety of experiences it provides me. I’ve gone from the depths of sadness to the highest of joyful moments — sometimes in the same 12 hour shift. My partner and I were recently awarded the Chiefs Commendation in recognition of bravery for saving a woman’s life who was trapped in her burning home – one of my proudest moments to be sure.

I have a passion for all things automotive. From diesel trucks to race cars, and nearly everything in between.