Bill Mann

Bill and Nancy Mann

Bill, his wife Nancy, and their yellow lab Maggie May enjoy traveling in their motor home A LOT. They live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, while both of their grown children live in the Bay area of California. Bill says that purchasing their motor home was a pre-emptive strike to avoid moving their home across country. Since purchasing their motor home in November of 2006 they have driven it from coast to coast four times in the first 13 months.

Bill has enjoyed camping since his Boy Scout days. He moved on to back packing on the Appalachian Trail and in the Sierras. Their family camping experiences started in tents, then to a Class C, and finally their first Class A motor home.

Now retired, Bill has had a wide range of experiences as a mechanical engineer. He has worked in our space program on the Gemini and Apollo programs, in manufacturing, R&D, and in design and construction of large and complex buildings including major hospitals. Over his work life he has accumulated about 25 U.S. and foreign patents.

He is intrigued by both the similarities and differences in the design and construction of RVs compared to conventional buildings. Though the design of both RV and building systems result in achieving most of the same functions, the means of carrying out these functions are often quite different. He enjoys getting the chance to see as much of the internal systems as possible about different RV types as well as similar RVs made by different manufacturers to appreciate the challenges that have faced different designers.