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Smile. You’re about to enter the Picture Province, so named for its photogenic vistas. There are so many sites to behold, from lighthouses to the colorful towns, that you may not have time to capture them all.

Start at St. John

Start your trip in an exciting city on the Bay of Fundy. Saint John is the province’s largest city and pulses with the province’s vibrant culture. Canada’s longest-running farmers market, the City Market, provides a charming introduction to the foods and crafts of this region. The region’s natural beauty can be explored at Reversing Falls and King’s Square. Celebrate New Brunswick’s cultural heritage by exploring the small towns of the Acadia region. Here, French foods, language and culture still thrive.

Oyster with meat inside.

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Regional Dish

New Brunswick Beausoleil Oyster

Every trip here involves slurping down a dozen or two Beausoleil oysters. Native to New Brunswick, this shellfish thrives in well-nestled bays around the coast and is famous for its plump texture and briny taste. Eat your way through a bunch of oyster bars and consider attending the annual Bouctouche Shellfish Festival for oyster shucking competitions and cooking contests.


Roll Tide Roll

The world’s highest tides surge in the remarkable and record-setting Bay of Fundy. During low tide, you can walk along the ocean floor, looking for treasures in the tide pools. As the tides come in, the waters deepen, providing paddlers a unique landscape to explore. Nearby Fundy National Park offers over 62 miles of trails, passing waterfalls and pristine lakes and taking hikers through the verdant Acadian forest.

Wander Through Waterways

You may have a hard time choosing your New Brunswick water recreation destination. There are more than 4,350 miles of shoreline and 1,000 lakes, making the province a prime destination for watersports. Paddlers won’t want to miss Hopewell Rocks, where towering rock spires rise to 70 feet above the Bay of Fundy. Anglers can head to the Miramichi River for abundant salmon fishing in a stunning environment. Take a ride along the St. John River for a memorable way to experience New Brunswick.