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Welcome to Vermont

Get into the Vermont state of mind. Drive across one of the charming covered bridges that dot the state, settle into small-town life with a visit to a farmers market or cozy café, or explore the scenic beauty found in all directions. The Green Mountains, which run north and south along the state, entice visitors to embark on hiking and biking adventures in beautiful hills and valleys.

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State Bird: Hermit Thrush. Getty Images

Scenic Waterways

Surrounded by the rolling Adirondack Mountains, Lake Chamberlain is a scenic delight. This destination is a prime spot for water sports, boating and fishing. With the Missisquoi River on the Canadian border and the Connecticut River on the New Hampshire border, Vermont is threaded with rippling waterways prime for paddling and angling. Trout, walleye and bass thrive in these cool currents.

Fly fishing in water surrounded by trees


Snaking Roadways and Smugglers’ Notch

For even more doses of Vermont’s beauty, take a drive along the Green Mountain Byway, which snakes between high mountain ridges on an 11-mile journey between Stowe and Waterbury. In autumn, enjoy the epic scenery of the state’s famed fall foliage. Make a stop at Smugglers’ Notch State Park, once part of a smuggling route out of Canada and now one of the state’s most popular recreation areas, offering scenic overlooks and mountain biking trails.

Quintessential New England Charm

Although not the largest town in Vermont, Stowe is one of the most beloved places to visit, especially in winter when fresh snow attracts skiers to the surrounding slopes. In the summer and fall months, Stowe attracts sightseers to gaze at picturesque beauty and experience quintessential New England charm. In the northwest, the large city of Burlington sits on the shores of Lake Champlain, which straddles the state’s border with New York. Travelers are drawn away from the sparkling waters by the Church Street Marketplace and the South End Arts District.