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Welcome to Ontario

More than 30 percent of Canada’s population lives in Ontario, and they never run out of stuff to do. Boasting big-city entertainment and scenic landscapes, this province has it all. The nation’s largest city (Toronto) and capital city (Ottawa) both call Ontario home. Plus, the granddaddy of all waterfalls — Niagara Falls — can be found at the southern border. Beyond the cities, central Ontario’s “Cottage Country” offers a peaceful retreat, while the boreal forests of the Canadian Shield make the northern province a secluded haven for rugged adventures.

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Provincial Flower: Great White Trillium. Getty Images.

World-Class Metropolis

Toronto is not only Canada’s largest city, but it’s also a world-class metropolis that ranks as the fourth-largest city in North America. The Western Hemisphere’s tallest freestanding structure, the CN Tower, rises over 1,800 feet above the city, providing views of the cityscape and beyond. Get hip to the vibe at the St. Lawrence Market, a former town hall that’s been converted into a bustling bazaar. The vibrant Distillery Historic District has reclaimed a former Victorian industrial area, turning into one of the city’s most visited spots. World-class museums appeal to travelers of all ages, as does scenic Toronto Island Park.

Phenomenal Falls and More

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most revered natural wonders. Adjoining the U.S. and Canada, the falls are a significant attraction on both sides of the border, with many claiming the Canadian side offers the best views. Experience the power with the Journey Behind the Falls tour or a ride on the Hornblower Cruise.

American Falls Overlook at Niagara Falls

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Parks Aplenty

Ontario is home to more than 300 provincial parks and five national parks, providing diverse natural landscapes to explore. Take a splash in the breathtaking turquoise waters of Georgian Bay at Bruce Peninsula National Park, or visit Canada’s southernmost point in mainland Canada at Point Pelee National Park, which extends into Lake Erie.