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Welcome to Nova Scotia

Known as Canada’s Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia offers limitless entertainment options where land and sea meet. The Bay of Fundy, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Gulf of Maine and the endless waters of the Atlantic surround the mainland peninsula, with Cape Breton Island and Sable Island nearby. The spirit of this maritime province can be found in the colorful fishing villages that dot the coast.

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Provincial Bird: Osprey. Getty Images

The Heart of Nova Scotia

The port city of Halifax is in the heart of Nova Scotia. A walk along the waterfront boardwalk of this bustling port town offers up the best of present-day Halifax. Grab a lobster roll and take a stroll while watching the boats in the harbor. The Halifax Public Gardens provide a tranquil retreat, boasting cascades of blooms and 240 varieties of trees.

Bountiful Waterways

With over 4,350 miles of saltwater coastline, almost 7,000 lakes and 100 rivers, Nova Scotia brims with places to splash a paddle or toss in a line. Brave the waves along the coast or meander down a trickling creek. Anglers can take their pick from saltwater and freshwater locales. Head to the Highlands for epic Atlantic salmon fishing in the Margaree River or hit the coast for the chance to reel in a Giant Bluefin Tuna (with the largest weighing over 1,000 pounds).

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

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Swoon-Worthy National Parks

The magic of Kejimkujik National Park, 101 miles southwest of Halifax, unfolds in two distinct areas. The main park takes visitors inland, where spellbinding woodlands and waterways proliferate. Here, enchanted old-growth forests, moss-covered rocks and rippling creeks form a picturesque setting for outdoor recreation. At night, the show takes to the skies, with a visible array of stars. Kejimkujik Seaside is a separate park, located on the coast. Get an eyeful of scenic lagoons, beaches and marshes.