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Welcome to Nebraska

Nebraska’s new tourism slogan ironically claims, “Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” But just about everyone who scratches the surface of the Cornhusker State can find ample fun-filled diversions. This Midwestern expanse of hills and prairies offers everything from natural beauty to rollicking sports to gracious cities.

Family Fun in Omaha

The state’s largest city is a welcoming spot for travelers. Omaha is located on the banks of the Missouri River in eastern Nebraska. Walk on the wild side with a visit to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, considered one of the best in the nation. Feel the heat of the desert, listen to birds calling in the rainforest and walk among the lemurs. With a farmers market, shops, galleries and restaurants, Omaha’s Old Market is a favorite spot to relax. Tons of outdoor spaces and family-friendly attractions round out the offerings.

Outside a desert dome at Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo

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Scenic Prairies & Sandhills

Long before the interstate brought travelers across Nebraska’s wide-open prairies, pioneers were crossing these lands heading to Oregon and California in covered wagons. With not much else on the horizon, the dramatic sight of Scotts Bluff rising 800 feet over the river below made it an important landmark. Today, history and natural beauty can be explored at this national monument. Explore the unique landscape of the Sandhills with a drive along the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway in central Nebraska. These gently rolling hills beckon to wildlife, including the 600,000 sandhill cranes that gather along the Platte River for a short time each spring.

Lake McConaughy with green grass surrounding it

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Unexpected Adventures

Nebraska’s Niobrara River snakes through prairies and forests, past waterfalls and dramatic bluffs. Over 70 miles of this waterway has been designated as a National Scenic River, making it one of the state’s most popular spots for paddling. White-sand beaches are an unexpected find in the Midwest, but that’s what you’ll find along the shores of Nebraska’s massive Lake McConaughy. Boating, fishing and paddling are popular ways to enjoy this gorgeous lake. North America’s longest river, the Missouri, flows for 400 miles along Nebraska’s eastern border, providing prime fishing and boating opportunities.