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Welcome to Manitoba

Welcome to the heart of central Canada, where wide-open spaces stretch to the horizon and the unspoiled natural environment leaves visitors awestruck. While southern Manitoba is home to the large city of Winnipeg and many welcoming towns, the northern province is a remote frontier that’s prime for rugged adventures.

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Provincial Flower: Prairie Crocus. Getty Images

Magnificent Manitoba

Located at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, Winnipeg serves as the province’s cultural and political capital. Museums and monuments honor the influences of the indigenous Metis people and, later, European settlers. Creativity thrives in places like Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. World-class museums detail the province’s history and geology. Enjoy the striking architecture, quaint market spaces and beautiful natural backdrops of a city on the rise.

Pick Your Park

Encompassing a quarter-million square miles with a patchwork of 100 parks, Manitoba is a sublime setting for the great outdoors. From the easily accessible Birds Hill Provincial Park, just north of Winnipeg, to the rugged wilderness of Atikaki Wilderness Provincial Park, there’s something for everyone.

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