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Welcome to Indiana

Dubbed the Crossroads of America, Indiana sits at the intersection of numerous travel routes. Travelers motoring through the Midwest should do more than just pass through the Hoosier State. Discover the gorgeous coastline of Lake Michigan, the welcoming and bustling city of Indianapolis and the serene, natural beauty of the central hills.

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Vibrant Towns

Start your visit to Indianapolis at White River State Park, right in the heart of town. Take a gondola ride down the tranquil river for epic views of the skyscrapers, then hop off to explore the museums, green spaces and art pieces connected by this urban park. Sports fanatics and families will find much to do in this beckoning city. For a small town with big appeal, head to Chesterton on the shores of Lake Michigan. Located just outside of the Indiana Dunes, Chesterton invites visitors to relax, offering a seasonal European market, local restaurants and a burgeoning arts scene.

Great Lakes Escape

From the top of Mount Tom in northwest Indiana, visitors can look out over the blue waters of Lake Michigan, with the Chicago skyline rising above the horizon. Mount Tom isn’t a traditional mountain; instead, it is the tallest of the sand dunes found at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, rising upward of 190 feet above the water. Considered one of Indiana’s greatest natural wonders, the massive dunes running along Lake Michigan extend into the adjacent Indiana Dunes State Park. Play in the lake’s chilly waters, or take a hike to explore this stunning surrounding landscape.

Amazing Monroe

While many visitors enjoy playing in the sand dunes that rise above Lake Michigan, others prefer to hit the waters. Boating, paddling and fishing are popular activities along the lakeshore. Indiana’s largest reservoir, Lake Monroe, just south of Indianapolis, is another great choice for boating and reeling in the big one. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for watersports, with many no-wake zones providing calm coves for quiet pursuits. Trophy-sized bass thrive in these waters. In the town of Corydon, Indiana Caverns takes explorers into a deep cave system.


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