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Welcome to Georgia

Georgia offers up the unexpected around every turn. From the scenic mountain landscapes of the north to the rugged Atlantic coast, there’s beauty to be found across the Peach State. While the mention of Atlanta conjures up images of the Old South and bygone eras, visitors also can enjoy modern amenities in a world-class city.   

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State Bird: Brown Thrasher. Getty Images

Awesome Atlanta

Georgia’s capital, Atlanta, is one of the nation’s most-visited cities for a good reason. Sample Coke from around the world at the World of Coca-Cola, tour one of the world’s largest exhibits of aquatic creatures at the Georgia Aquarium, or walk above the forest canopy at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Savannah Smiles

On the Georgia coast lies one of the state’s most distinctive cities, Savannah. At first glance, it might seem like time has stood still here, as horse-drawn carriages roll along the cobblestone streets, passing by antebellum mansions. However, those who dig a little deeper will find that Savannah also has its finger on the pulse of the future, as dynamic dining and entertainment options abound.

Wild in Georgia

Georgia’s natural beauty starts at its Atlantic coast, where marshy landscapes give way to ocean waves. Cumberland Island National Seashore preserves the state’s largest barrier island, offering 17 miles of silky sand, 50 miles of hiking trails and ample sites to explore. One of Georgia’s most spectacular habitats can be found in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, home to North America’s largest blackwater swamp. Diverse flora and fauna fill the waterways and woodlands.

Civil War High Points

As the Civil War waged on, Georgia is the place where the Confederacy had their last major win before the tides turned. This piece of history is shared at the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park, commemorating a clash between the gray and blue in 1863. Just over a year after these battles, the Union’s General Sherman would capture the city of Atlanta and go on his March to the Sea, burning entire towns along the way.

Mansions of Majesty and Civil Rights Crusaders

Some of the grand mansions that survived the Civil War can be toured along Georgia’s 100-mile Antebellum Trail and throughout the historic city of Savannah. Nearly a century later, Georgia would also play a pivotal role in the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr. was born here and spent his formative years in his father’s church before becoming a pastor there himself. Several memorials and museums commemorate his life and tell the story of the movement he inspired.

Classic Savannah home with elaborate porch and balcony

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Stunning Mountains & Waterfalls

The granddaddy of all great hiking trails, the Appalachian Trail starts in the state of Georgia, running nearly 2,200 miles north to Maine. Those not up for the full, epic experience can find shorter excursions along the 79 miles of the trail that cut across the mountainous landscape of northern Georgia.