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Your time in Moncton is best spent outside. Home to the warmest saltwater beaches north of Virginia, the highest tides in the world and mind-boggling natural phenomena, New Brunswick’s largest city catapults you into outdoor adventures of every kind.

Mind-boggling natural phenomena

Prepare to be mystified by the Tidal Bore. Twice a day, the high tides in the Bay of Fundy push the water in the Petitcodiac River back upstream. You can witness this rare natural wonder in downtown Moncton’s Bore Park. Magnetic Hill will baffle you even more. Drive to the bottom of the hill, put your car or RV in neutral and watch your vehicle automatically climb uphill by itself. After defying gravity, head to the nearby Magnetic Hill Zoo to meet tigers, lemurs and other exotic wildlife.

A view of the beach at sunset

Claire Madison

Go with the tide

Feast your eyes on stunning coastal landscapes in the Bay of Fundy. Located in Fundy National Park, this striking area has been sculptured over time by the world’s highest tides. Go to the Hopewell Rocks at low tide to walk on the ocean floor and see colossal rock formations that resemble flowerpots. You can also join a whale-watching cruise or take a kayaking tour to explore hidden coves and caves.

Family-friendly recreational activities

Build sandcastles and go swimming in Canada’s warmest saltwater in Parlee Beach Provincial Park. Kick the excitement up a notch by riding waterslides at Magic Mountain Water Park and playing on aerial adventure courses at Treego Moncton. Centennial Park, Mapleton Park and Kouchibouguac National Park are all excellent destinations if you’re looking to do some hiking or cycling.

Covered bridge surrounded by trees

James Mann

Entertainment central

You’ll have no trouble padding your schedule in Atlantic Canada’s entertainment capital. Book a wine tasting at Magnetic Hill Winery and indulge in French cuisine at the upscale Les Brume du Coude. Feeling lucky? Put your bets down at Casino New Brunswick, a full-service gambling house with a poker room, bars, buffets and 500 slot machines. On Saturday morning, hit the Marché Moncton Market to shop from over a hundred local growers and artisans.

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