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Places Welcoming You

Wyoming map indicating trip itinerary along the northern region of the state.

The marvels never end in northern Wyoming. Start this trip in Yellowstone National Park, travel through the hangouts of Buffalo Bill Cody and Butch Cassidy, then finish your trip at a rock “tower” that once served as the setting for a close encounter.

1) Yellowstone National Park

Starting Point

As the first national park in the United States, Yellowstone has earned a special distinction. Although sightseers love driving through the park, the best way to see this 2-million-acre wonderland is by foot. Hike Elephant Back Mountain for sweeping views of Yellowstone Lake, or go biking in Lower Geyser Basin to see geothermal wonders. On your way east, stop by Cody, where the Buffalo Bill Historical Center preserves the area’s Wild West past.

Three women raise cameras to take photos of steaming hot springs.


2) Buffalo

206 miles • 4 hours, 4 minutes

Located near prime recreation spots, Buffalo proudly wears its frontier history on its sleeve. Check out the Occidental Hotel, where train robbers Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once held court. Prefer hiking to history? Trek to the nearby Cloud Peak Wilderness Area, an alpine wonderland of lakes and peaks. To the west, Medicine Wheel Passage (US Route 14A) takes you by the Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark, a circular configuration formed by rocks placed with painstaking care by Native Americans centuries ago.

Woman looks up at Devil's tower, which resembles big smokestack.

Nicole Geri

3) Devil’s Tower

Drive 131 miles • 1 hour, 59 minutes

As you make your way east, the Sundance Mountains and the town of Sundance come into view. About 25 miles to the northwest, you’ll find Devils Tower National Monument. This geological wonder shoots over 800 feet skyward, a daunting formation of stone. Long before President Teddy Roosevelt declared it America’s first national monument, local Native American tribes considered it sacred. The popular 1.3-mile paved Tower Trail circumnavigates the daunting Devils Tower. Bonus: Brave climbers can ascend this awesome attraction.