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A map indicating a route through New Brunswick's south coast.

Head north along the Atlantic coast and just keep going. Next stop: New Brunswick, Canada, one of this northern nation’s famous Maritime Provinces. Enjoy this trip’s outstanding seaside drives, pleasant campgrounds, deep forests and lovely views over the Atlantic Ocean. Wind your way through small towns that are rich in local history and culture. See the world’s highest ocean tides and a river that runs both ways at the Bay of Fundy. And be sure to crack open a rich, juicy, fresh-from-the-sea lobster in the “Lobster Capitol of the World.”

1) St. John

Starting Point

See the world’s highest tides in St. Johns on the Bay of Fundy. Twice daily, billions of tons of seawater rush in — and out — of the bay. The two-way flow creates a one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon in the St. John River: The Reversing Falls. At low tide, the river rapids run one way; at high tide, they run the other way. See for yourself with in a thrilling jet boat ride. While in town, don’t miss Canada’s oldest, continuously run farmers market, the St. John City Market. It’s not just a great place to browse and shop; it’s a National Historic Site.

a rushing river churns through a city and under an arched bridge.

Albert Pego

2) Sussex

Drive 47 miles • 45 minutes

Enjoy the town of Sussex’s rural lifestyle as you motor past rolling hills, farms, and the area’s 16 covered bridges. Then drive the Fundy Trail Parkway through Fundy National Park. Cruise the low-speed, high-beauty parkway and watch the tides ebb and flow. That’s not all: go hiking, biking, strolling on pristine beaches, see waterfalls, and relax in all the joys of Nature. While in the area, don’t miss your chance to explore the scenic, nearby Dutch Valley and Waterford regions. Take a backcountry road through timeless pastoral landscapes all through this lovely area.

A sign proclaims, "Shediac" as flags wave in the background behind a majestic lobster statue.


3) Shediac

Drive 67 miles • 1 hour, 5 minutes

Don’t tell Maine’s lobstermen, but Shediac, New Brunswick, claims the title of “Lobster Capitol of the World.” Lobsters love the area’s unusually warm salty waters (up to 75 degrees in summer) and so do fishermen, swimmers, windsurfers and anybody who loves to just relax on a sunny, sandy, surfside beach. Feeling peckish? Well, this town’s serious about lobster! Take a selfie with the giant lobster sculpture. Eat hearty at the lobster festival, and be sure to savor a great seafood meal in any of the many great restaurants serving scallops, Atlantic salmon, more fresh fish… and lobster, of course.