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Lobster is king in the coastal town of Shediac, and the locals want you to know it. In the center of town, a 55-ton metal lobster monument reminds visitors of the rich crustacean harvest that lies in the Atlantic waters off the coastal town.

Succulent Seafood

But don’t take locals’ word for it; sink your teeth in one of the succulent lobsters served up at one of the many local seafood restaurants. Indeed, much of the city’s infrastructure is built around the six-legged creature, with lobster tanks, processing plants and several lobster fishing boats making their home here. More lobster is processed here than anywhere else in the world. Eateries also serve up salmon, scallops and other seafood fresh from the ocean. To work off the calories, enjoy some of the warmest waters north of Virginia. Swimmers, windsurfers and boaters will relish the recreation opportunities off of the town’s sprawling beaches.

Stroll Around Shediac

Hikers can enjoy some of the many trails that wind in and out of town. For a more sedate stroll, take a walk through the Corridor of Lights, a compelling display in downtown Shediac. While on the town, pop into a boutique or gallery for trinkets and artwork. Several historic sights offer lessons in New Brunswick history. Learn about New Brunswick’s first steam sawmill, and visit the station that served the first passenger railroad in the Maritime Provinces.

Tony Webster

Six-Legged Festival

If you’re visiting in July, work up an appetite for the Shediac Lobster Festival, which celebrates every aspect of this tasty entrée. During the festivities, don’t miss posing for a photo in front of the aforementioned Giant Lobster, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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