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Sauble Beach

Is the beach calling for you? Check out a lakeside town that has over seven miles of sand, stunning sunsets and warm summer temperatures. Discover endless windsurfing, waterskiing and swimming. Dip your toes in the sand and feel the breeze. As a bonus, this stunning beach is considered part of Canada’s No. 1 freshwater beach community. Pack your beach chairs; roll up your shirt sleeves and head on over to Sauble Beach on Lake Ontario in Canada.

Hot in Huron

Sauble Beach is located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron in the southern end of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. You can get there on Ontario Highway 10 outside of Toronto or take the coastal Ontario Highway 21, which connects with Interstate 94 in Detroit. This route follows the lakeshore the whole way to Sauble Beach, dishing out stunning scenery along the way. The beach’s location on the eastern shore of the lake means spectacular sunsets over the shimmering water is the norm. Bring your camera to the beach about an hour before the sun drops.

Hitting the Water

Of course, with all this sand, you can expect to find a lot of activities centered around the shore. Join in a beach volleyball game, or try your skill at windsurfing or waterskiing. Explore the Sauble River on kayak or paddleboard, or go fishing for rainbow trout and Chinook salmon in their spring and fall spawning runs. Paddle along the Rankin River Canoe Route, which is perfect for novices. Just a short drive away, Owen Sound, with its lively historic district, provides the amenities of an outdoorsy regional hub with even more boating opportunities.

Cool Beach Vibe

The locals tell people that visit Sauble Beach that the town hasn’t changed a lot since the 1950s and they like it that way. There is a casual, laid-back vibe in Sauble Beach that has brought generations of visitors to the area and keeps them coming back year after year. One other thing you may not expect to find in Sauble Beach is NASCAR. Yes, Sauble Beach is home to the Sauble Speedway and hosts high-speed NASCAR action.

Mixed Adventures

While you’re here, make time to play 18 holes at one of the courses in town. If you brought your ATV instead of your clubs, then check out the mixed trails at the South Bruce Peninsula ATV Club. Take the kids to the rock-climbing wall or book a boat tour to the Fishing Islands, where visitors will find a First Nations Smokehouse and first European settlement in the area.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Less than an hour’s drive from Sauble Beach, Bruce Peninsula National Park forms the core of UNESCO’s Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve. Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound with hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing and wildlife spotting amidst a pristine wilderness of craggy oyster gray cliffs, dense forests and gorgeous turquoise waters that feel more Caribbean than Canadian. This glorious park is famed for its superb hiking trails, which range in difficulty from novice to advanced and connect to the Bruce Trail, a wild 586-mile path that ends in Tobermory.

Flower Pot Hikes

The most popular (easy) hikes include the three-mile jaunt to Flowerpot Island — named for the 35-foot-tall wind-carved columns that resemble giant vases — and the 2-mile Georgian Bay Trail to Indian Head Cove, a small, secluded cove framed with giant boulders. It’s a perfect outdoor gym for kids. Bruce’s crowning jewel is Cyprus Lake Grotto, where crystalline waters in shades of blue and green and intricate cave structures lure travelers looking to revel in the area’s serene beauty.


At the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, quaint Tobermory exudes an end-of-the-world aura (with a whiff of the eccentric), despite the growing numbers of tourists who use the town as a base for exploring the wild and beautiful lands of the Bruce Peninsula. Beyond the small town with its stores, bars, live music venues, waterside restaurants (the sunsets here are incredible) and hotels that dot Little Tub Harbor, Tobermory caters to active travelers who are always looking to raise the bar. Nearby, Fathom Five National Marine Park, Canada’s first National Marine Conservation Area, is one of the finest freshwater diving destinations in Canada.

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