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Places Welcoming You

Take a loop through the southwest edge of one of Canada’s untamed provinces. See icebergs, whales and stunning sea birds on your trip. Cap your journey with a tall pint of ail in a pub at St. Johns

1) St. Johns

Starting Point

Perched along the steep hills of a sheltered harbor, the 500-year-old capital of Newfoundland combines modern luxury and small-town charm to create one of the most unique destinations in North America. The province’s largest city is known for its lively pub life: newcomers are invited to kiss a codfish followed by a shot of Screech, a popular rum. Spellbinding views over the Atlantic Ocean, colorful row houses, world-class attractions and locals with the most unique accent west of Ireland make this town an alluring destination.

2) St. Mary’s

Drive 74 miles, 1 hour,  25 minutes

See stunning views from dramatic cliffs on this stop. Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve is a wonderland for birdwatchers and explorers alike. Thousands of gulls, razorbills, common murres, black-legged kittiwakes, northern gannets and double-crested and great cormorants nest here. It’s one of seven protected seabird ecological reserves on the planet, and its natural beauty makes it perfect for nature walks and family adventures.

Drive 123 miles, 2 hours,  41 minutes to complete the loop