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Welcome to Ontario

When cosmopolitan city living and outdoor adventure merge so seamlessly, it’s no wonder that almost half of Canada’s population resides within the vast and beautiful lands of Ontario. The dynamic and inventive metropolises of Toronto and Ottawa deliver world-class museums, performing arts, restaurants and eclectic neighborhoods, while remote, densely forested national parks provide endless opportunities to commune with nature and enjoy thrilling recreation.

Ontario’s Outdoors

The mighty St. Lawrence River is Canada’s most important commercial waterway, and crowds flock to its idyllic Thousand Islands region, a constellation of 21 islands and small islets, including the diverse Frontenac Arch Biosphere.

Bruce Peninsula National Park comprises a primordial expanse of wild shorelines, lush woodlands, caverns and caves. Rock walls are encrusted by 400-million-year old fossils that can be viewed along the scenic Cyprus Lake trails and Georgian Bay trails. Arguably the finest of Ontario’s National Parks, Killarney is hailed as one of the world’s top kayaking and hiking destinations, with over 50 lakes and a network of beautiful trails.

Towns and Cities

While many travelers struggle even to identify Ottawa as Canada’s capital, to those in the know, this genial city with a stately aura satisfies discerning urban sophisticates. With its clutch of first-rate museums — including the sublime Museum of Civilization — lively neighborhoods, fine food and an idyllic, river valley setting, Ottawa inspires at every turn.

Toronto is one of those cities where you can simply hang out and let the world come to you. Canada’s largest city, with almost six million people, Toronto feels surprisingly earthy. With an incredibly diverse ethnic make-up, Toronto brings an authentic, inclusive cosmopolitan spirit, without the homogeneity that often accompanies over-zealous gentrification. From the iconic CN Tower to the historic Distillery District and the West Queen West galleries, Toronto encapsulates all the trappings of a world-class metropolis.

Midway between Toronto and Montreal, on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, Kingston’s grandiose cityscape and self-possessed aura speak to an epic history which includes capital city status.

The Fun States

The spectacle of Niagara Falls is euphoric to behold. Niagara continues to exude old-school glamor and serves as a bucket list trip for every Baby Boomer. It’s been a storied destination since Marilyn Monroe rivaled the falls in star power in the 1953 thriller-film noir, “Niagara.” Multi-million-dollar investment has led to increased gentrification in the downtown area with a crop of galleries, arty coffee shops and high-end bistros redefining the area around Queen Street.