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Welcome to New Brunswick

Red and white lighthouses, rocky bluffs and green pines line the shores of New Brunswick’s pristine waterways. With four bodies of water found along its border, this maritime province has no shortage of picturesque seaside views.

Most of the population centers can be found along these coastlines. The northeastern coast is known for its Acadian culture, linking back to its days of French settlement. In the southern regions, the larger towns of Moncton and Saint John offer cultural and recreational opportunities. Many visitors pass through New Brunswick as they drive the trans-Canadian highway, but those who stop and stay awhile will find a fascinating place to explore.

Rolling Tides

From high tide to low tide, a dramatic shift takes place in the Bay of Fundy, home to the world’s highest tidal range. When the waters recede, an expansive intertidal zone allows visitors to walk along the ocean’s floor, exploring the unique flora and fauna left behind. Prepare to get muddy if you venture out into this remarkable landscape. During high tide, the Atlantic waters are great for paddling.

Cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes and scenic overlooks with sweeping ocean views make for spectacular scenery in Fundy National Park, located on the Bay of Fundy. Park visitors can enjoy outdoor recreation, with rivers, hiking trails and educational programs. Head north to Hopewell Rocks to check out the towering rock spires rising from the ocean waters. Here, thousands of years of tidal erosion have carved out the rock bases, sculpting interesting geological formations. Stick around and watch the scenery change as the tides sweep in and recede. Canoe over, through and under the carved rock arches.

Bayside City

Along the shores of the Bay of Fundy, you’ll find New Brunswick’s largest city, Saint John. In addition to the resplendent natural beauty of the region, the town offers a thriving metropolis. Step back in time with a visit to the historic Uptown area, where you’ll find Canada’s longest-running farmers market. The City Market bursts with booths selling crafts, fruits and vegetables, and savory cuisines.

In contrast, nearby King’s Square offers a quiet place to stroll among monuments and green spaces. For more scenic views, visit Irving Nature Park or Fort Howe. Check out Reversing Falls, where the Saint John River meets the Bay of Fundy, causing a churning clash of waters.

French Flavor

French colonists began arriving in the New Brunswick region in the 1600s and settled an area called Acadia. Although French rule ended in the 1800s, the nation left a profound mark on local culture, foods and languages. Approximately a third of the residents speak French.

This history comes alive at the Acadian Historical Village. Explore the authentic structures as costumed interpreters demonstrate what life was like for the Acadians. The annual Joie de Vivre at Festival Acadien brings over 100,000 visitors to the town of Caraquet each August to celebrate with a parade.