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Welcome to Idaho

Massive mountains, soaring pine trees, raging waterfalls and roaring rivers set the stage for an epic escape in Idaho. More than 100 mountain ranges tower over the Gem State, with the Rocky Mountains dominating the eastern skyline. Almost everywhere you look, snow-capped peaks jut into the sky. Equally spectacular are the fish-rich ribbons of water that snake through verdant valleys. In the midst of this natural beauty you’ll find cities like Boise, Idaho Falls and Coeur d’Alene, replete with all the amenities you need for a relaxing time in the Gem State.

Outdoors Adventure

There aren’t many places where the great outdoors seem more immense than in Idaho. Whitewater rafting on one of Idaho’s majestic rivers is a must. Outfitters can be found throughout the state. Pick your river, set your pace and prepare for an adventure. Rafting through Hells Canyon (the deepest river gorge in America) makes for jaw-dropping views. For a more serene way to experience the waterways, grab a fly rod and toss in a line. Idaho is a top-rated trout-fishing destination.

Wildlife viewing is a popular activity across the state, whether you’re watching for birds on the Idaho Birding Trail or looking for bigger creatures at one of the state’s preserves. Lace up your hiking shoes and head to City of Rocks National Reserve, where granite spires reach toward the skies.

Big City, Big Adventures

The largest city in Idaho, Boise teems with natural beauty, earning its nickname, “The City of Trees.” The Rocky Mountains accent the skyline of the city’s downtown core. The Idaho Shakespeare Festival, held every summer, stages plays in an outdoor theater, with the landscape forming dramatic backdrops. While in town, stroll the manicured trails of the Boise River Greenbelt. Historic stops and cultural opportunities abound in the energetic town.

Coeur d’Alene, the largest city in the northern panhandle, welcomes visitors with the sparkling sapphire waters of Lake Coeur d’Alene. Parks, trails, tennis courts and premiere golf keep folks active. Close to both Montana and Washington, this town is a lovely basecamp for adventure-filled day trips.

Craters and Cascades

Experience Idaho’s otherworldly side at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Located about 175 miles east of Boise, the park’s rugged landscapes resemble the surface of an alien world. It’s the result of ancient lava flows that hardened and left a twisted surface when they cooled. In the nearby town of Arco, visitors can  check out the world’s first nuclear power plant. Take a tour in the EBR-I reactor and learn about the day in 1955 when Arco became the first city in the world lit by atomic power.

About 100 miles to the southwest, the spectacular Shoshone Falls roar over rocky outcroppings. Nicknamed “the Niagara Falls of the West,” these cascades are actually higher than their eastern counterpart. While in the area, head over to the Perrine Bridge. This beautiful, arched expanse crosses the Snake River and provides stunning views of the valley below.