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Sulphur, Louisiana


Cajun culture comes alive in southern Louisiana

“Cajunicity.” You’ll likely hear this term when you visit the Acadian region of Louisiana, which celebrates the Cajun culture like no other can.

Houma Joie de Vivre!

Houma locals like to brag that their town is second to none when it comes to celebrating the Cajun flavor of life. Here, you can experience the Cajun vibe in the distinctive “gumbo” of French-inspired dialect, zydeco music, larger-than-life history and welcoming customs. This culture includes that world-famous Cajun cooking, enticing many a visitor to sit down and enjoy the kind of hospitality that only Houma can serve up.

Bayou Country

Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau/Mathew Noel

Southern Louisiana lays claim to nearly 45 percent of all the wetlands in the Lower 48, and Houma has as its showpiece some of the most beautifully pristine swamps in the Atchafalaya Basin. Whether traveling by canoe, airboat, pontoon boat or even in a small plane, the scenery and wildlife captivate visitors.

Wildlife enthusiasts can plan a tour itinerary to see how Mother Nature has landscaped the bayou with towering cypress trees clustered between vast waterways. Keep the camera handy for alligators and more.

Take your pick of any number of wildlife parks and refuges, bird sanctuaries and nature preserves, including the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge, 4,416-acres accessible by boat. Portions of the refuge can be seen on foot via the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge Nature Trail. Similar areas in and around Houma offer elevated boardwalks and viewing decks.

In addition to seeing the alligators, turtles and nearly 250 bird species that call the swamps and wetlands home, many tours include former sugarcane plantations and other historic sites. You might book a tour with descendants of Alligator Annie, whose adventures are an integral part of bayou country’s colorful past.

Annie Miller, born in 1915, was hunting gators when she was just a child. Later, she was hired by law enforcement as a deputy tasked with enforcing gaming and wildlife laws. Eventually, she became the first person in the area to start swamp tours. Today, Annie Miller’s Son’s Swamp and Marsh Tours honors her legacy.

Dinner, King Cake and a Show

Get your taste buds ready for a spicy intro to local cuisine with the requisite glass of cold water or cold beer standing by. From andouille sausage to spicy crawfish, the only thing hotter than a Cajun-inspired menu is Louisana’s summer sun.

Houma is a showplace for music festivals and other celebrations year-round, including its very own version of Mardi Gras — a two-week, 24/7 party from January to February.

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