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Green Gables

Feel the Magic of Anne of Green Gables

The first Anne of Green Gables book was published off in 1908. Over the past century, the Green Gables series become one of the world’s most popular literary phenomena, with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. Many readers have wondered if the magical place of Green Gables actually exists. Good news: this world of green hills and friendly farms thrives and is waiting for you to visit on the north coast of Prince Edward Island near Cavendish. Home to enchanting scenery and handfuls of Anne-related attractions, this enclave invites you to explore the places that inspired Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved series.

Green Gables Heritage Place

Green Gables Heritage Place is the perfect place to begin your Anne of Green Gables adventure. Nestled in the rolling farmland and sandy beaches of Prince Edward Island National Park, the area showcases landscapes that captivated Montgomery when she lived in the area. While you’re here, stop by the author’s real-life farm home, stroll through 19th-century gardens, check out the farmyard and lose yourself in the Haunted Wood and Lovers Lane walking trails. During July and August, visitors can participate in interpretive programs and even meet Anne Shirley.


Peter Broster

Afterward, make your way to Avonlea Village. This charming community was created to look like the village Anne called home. Spend the afternoon browsing cute shops, visiting picturesque gardens, gazing at historic buildings, and enjoying an incredible meal at one of the many delicious eateries.

Just a 10-minute drive away is New London, the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Here, you’ll find the 1874 white and green house she grew up in. Step inside to see a replica of her wedding dress and personal journals featuring her poems and stories.

Anne of Green Gables Museum

Dig deeper into Montgomery’s life at the Anne of Green Gables Museum. Housed in the stunning Campbell Homestead, this museum teems with artifacts from the book and an impressive array of items that once belonged to the author. Fans will love coming face-to-face with the enchanted bookcase (one of the most important items in the series) and visiting the Lake of Shining Waters. Other highlights include Montgomery’s patchwork quilt, hand-coloured photographs and an original organ that was used at her wedding.

If you have time, consider going to the Parsonage Museum in Bideford. Once home to a 19-year-old Lucy Maud, the building is now a museum dedicated to showcasing Prince Edward Island’s shipbuilding heritage and the life and legacy of Montgomery.

All about Anne in Charlottetown

Complete your Green Gables trip by going to Charlottetown and catching a performance of Anne of Green Gables: The Musical. This show is the longest running family musical in Canada and sure to delight audiences of all ages. Before you leave, don’t forget to stock up on souvenirs at the Anne of Green Gables Store.

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