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Welcome to Rhode Island

The Ocean State may be tiny, but that only makes Rhode Island easy to explore and enjoy. If you only stop for red lights, stop signs and the occasional traffic buildup, you can drive straight across the entire state in less than an hour. But then you’d be missing out on Rhode Island’s absurd collection of postcard towns, vibrant communities and seaside cities, to say nothing of its white sand beaches and 400 miles of scenic coastline.

Providence is what passes for big-city life here, and it makes for a great place to set up camp and go exploring. Take an afternoon to stroll around the historic Federal Hill neighborhood (where you’ll find cobblestone streets and idyllic sidewalk cafes) and along the Riverwalk (a scenic park overlooking the Woonasquatucket River as it winds through downtown Providence).

Newport, situated on Aquidneck Island, is the crown jewel of Rhode Island’s resort-style seaside towns. Famous for its collection of mansions, history of yachting and love of jazz, Newport has been a popular tourism destination since the end of the Civil War. Be sure to take a stroll along the famous Cliff Walk (where you’ll find some of the best views in the state) and go for a cruise along the Ocean Drive.



Life in the state of Rhode Island is all about the water. So it should come as no surprise that anyone seeking some fun in the sun here will gravitate to the state’s 400 miles of picture-perfect coastline. Dotted along that coastline are more than 100 white sand beaches. Some are only accessible by foot, while others are massive beachfront parks. Narragansett Town Beach, Napatree Point, Scarborough State Beaches and Block Island’s 17 miles of beaches are among and most popular.

If you’re in Providence and looking for a quick dose of the great outdoors, you can head for Roger Williams Park—conveniently located in the heart of the city. It offers 435 acres of idyllic park space more than 100 acres of ponds and gardens.

Brenton Point State Park is another popular destination. Located in Newport, it offers visitors a mix of hiking trails, fishing piers and picnic spots. Once the location of one of Newport’s most opulent estates, the park now features some of the best views on the entire Eastern Seaboard.