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Welcome to Prince Edward Island

In terms of landmass, Canada is the second largest country in the world. It’s also one of the few nations on the globe with three marine borders. As such, the Great White North has an almost absurd number of islands under its purview. So many, in fact, the exact number has never been fully established.

Even still, mention to any Canadian that you’re off to spend some time on “the Island” and they’ll know where you’re headed—a tiny treasure tucked into the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Canada’s eastern coast. Welcome to Prince Edward Island.

It may be the smallest and least populated province in the country—by far—but that only makes it easier to explore. The communities of Charlottetown (the provincial capital) and Summerside serve as the main hubs, while postcard towns and villages dot the rest of the island.

Aside from the secluded beaches, fresh-from-the-boat seafood and abundance of local charm, some of the most popular attractions include Point Prim Lighthouse in Belfast and Green Gables Heritage Site in Cavendish, the house that inspired author Lucy Maud Montgomery to pen the novel, Ann of Green Gables.


Ann MacNeill; Tourism PEI


Known for its landscapes of rolling fields, sandy beaches, shifting dunes, and bright red soils, Prince Edward Island feels like a series of vistas ripped from the pages of a coffee table book filled with watercolors.

One of the best ways to get out and explore the province is on the Confederation Trail, which was once the route of the Prince Edward Island Railway. When the railway was abandoned in 1989, the trail was born. It stretches from one end of the island to the other—270 miles in all—and comprises P.E.I.’s portion of the Trans Canada Trail.

Don’t worry about difficult, high-elevation hikes. The tallest peak on the entire island is a humble hill that stands at just 466 feet. But the coastline’s  treasure trove of coves, bays, estuaries and inlets makes the Island is a popular destination for kayakers and canoeists of all stripes.

Seeking even more scenery? Check out Prince Edward Island National Park (home to 25 miles of powdery beaches and sand dunes), Basin Head Provincial Park (part of the Points East Coastal Drive) and Cavendish Beach (set against the backdrop of magnificent red sandstone cliffs).