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Welcome to Indiana

The Hoosier State calls itself the Crossroads of America, and for good reason. The rolling meadows, fertile farmlands and gently sweeping plains of Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky stretch east, west and south, respectively. To the north lie the lapping shores of Lake Michigan and the hilly plains of southern Michigan. Add it all up and you have a state that sits smack-dab in the center of the American Midwest.

Here, life moves at a slightly slower pace than in most other parts of the country. Unless, of course, it’s Memorial Day weekend. That’s when the world descends on Indiana (and the otherwise sleepy suburb of Speedway in particular) to take in Indy 500—the largest single-day spectator sporting event on the planet.

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll want to check out the Indianapolis Zoo (also home to the state’s largest aquarium) and Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo (twice named one of the top 10 zoos for children in the country).

Also, the gorgeous college campuses of Indiana University in Bloomington and Notre Dame University in South Bend should be part of any Hoosier trip.



As a state dominated by rolling plains and meadows, it’s easy to forget that Indiana is also home to some of the finest beaches in the country. In the northwest corner of the state, the southern waters of scenic Lake Michigan lap the Hoosier shoreline, which is lined with gently rolling dunes. More than 15 miles of pristine beachfront, including the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, is accessible from the likes of Gary, Michigan City and even South Bend.

At the southern end of the state, Hoosier National Forest encompasses more than 200,000 acres of pristine, protected woodland that’s perfect for camping, hunting and wildlife-viewing adventures. The forest is strewn with fantastic hiking trails.

Other popular activities for those seeking some fun in the great outdoors include exploring Brown County State Park (the largest in the state), strolling along the canal in White River State Park (located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis), hiking in Clifty Falls State Park (home to an abundance of waterfalls) and spelunking in Marengo Cave (which has enthralled visitors since 1883).