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311 miles • 5 hours, 6 minutes

Larger-than-life attractions thrill visitors in this loop drive through southern Idaho. Gaze at a waterfall that surpasses Niagara in height, and learn about the daredevil who sought to jump across the Snake River. Walk a surreal moonscape, and then tour a pioneering power plant.




1. Twin Falls

Starting Point • Food, History, Nature, Outdoor Recreation, Quirky, Shopping

Near the town of Twin Falls, the Snake River puts on a dazzling show. Here, visitors will discover Twin Falls—the namesake of the town—along with the spectacular Shoshone Falls, which plummets 212 feet, earning the nickname, “Niagara of the West.” When you’re taking pictures of the amazing cascade or enjoying a picnic in beautiful Shoshone Falls Park, take a trip into town to enjoy its charming restaurants and shops. Check out the Evel Knievel Jump Monument, which marks the spot from which the daredevil attempted a soar across the Snake River in 1974 in a specially designed rocket motorcycle. The attempt failed when the safety chute deployed prematurely, but Knievel survived.


2. Pocatello

112 miles, 1 hour, 41 minutes • Entertainment, History, Nature, Outdoor Recreation

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Pocatello is considered a launching point for mountain adventures. From the town, visitors are just a short distance to hiking and biking trails, golf, skiing, fishing in the Portneuf River and birding. Spend some time in town checking out the Fort Hall Replica, a recreation of a 19th-century settlement. Adjacent to the fort is the Bannock County Historical Museum and the Pocatello Zoo, which shows off grizzly bears, bison, cougars and other local wildlife. The Shoshone and Bannock tribe host a museum and gaming hall less than 10 miles away.



3. Arco

82.1 miles, 1 hour, 19 minutes • History, Nature, Outdoor Recreation

Discover an otherworldly attraction near Arco. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve protects an eerie moonscape that encompasses three major lava fields. The monument includes more than 25 volcanic cones including solidified lava flows. The strange, tortured landscapes might make you think you’re on the surface of a strange planet; the visitor center and bookstore will bring you back to earth with fascinating insights and exhibits. Also in Arco: The world’s first nuclear power plant. Take a tour and learn about the day in 1955 when Arco became the first city in the world lit by atomic power.


4. Picabo

51 miles, 52 minutes • History, Nature, Outdoor Recreation

Olympic skier Picabo Street was named after this vibrant village, and after a visit, you’ll see why. Silver Creek draws fly fishing enthusiasts from across North America to reel in the hefty trout that swim there. Legendary author Ernest Hemingway frequented this waterway in the 1950s with local rancher Bud Purdy. Hemingway also hunted in the area, and during at least one trip he was accompanied by Hollywood legend Gary Cooper. Don’t be surprised to see mule deer scampering about the beautiful landscape. Drive 65.9 miles (1 hour, 14 minutes) for the return trip to Twin Falls.