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Discover high speed, rugged beauty and smooth vintages in the desert

Parhrump is located between extremes. An hour to the west lies Death Valley, the largest national park in the contiguous United States and a showcase of rugged desert beauty. To the east is Las Vegas, America’s gambling and entertainment playground. The town is the ideal base camp for folks who want to experience both extremes, taking day trips for desert sightseeing or gaming. However, it’s worth your time to explore Pahrump proper and discover all the joys of this desert gem in and around the city.


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Pahrump was named by the Native American Southern Paiute, who originally called the area “Pah-Rimpi.” The translation is “Water Rock,” so named because of the innumerable artesian wells in the valley providing a reprieve from the unrelenting desert sun.

Pahrump is 63 miles west of Las Vegas in the southeast corner of Nevada. Its eastern border is the Spring Mountain range. West is the Nopah Vista, dividing Nevada and California. In 1862, a gold prospector named George Breyfogle sparked an influx of miners seeking vast gold deposits in the valley The motherlode wasn’t found. Years later, however, the area has paid off for recreational miners seeking some gold nuggets.

While the rest of America had telephones, televisions and radios, Pahrump was fairly isolated until developers began to recognize its real estate potential. By the 1960s, interest in Pahrump grew because of rapid development in Las Vegas. Telephone service finally connected the valley to the outside and a brand-new paved highway connected Pahrump to Las Vegas. The small valley community began taking on some of the characteristics of its glitzy neighbor, establishing new homes, small-scale casinos and resort-style golf courses of its own.


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Fast Cars and Fine Wine

Lovers of high speeds will find kindred spirits at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, which offers driving schools, racetrack rentals and space for events. Six miles of challenging track dish out endless challenges that help drivers hone their high-speed skills.

Fans of the iconic Corvette can get behind the wheel of one of these speedsters when attending the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, held at Spring Mountain. The school offers classes for beginners and experienced racers.

End the day of exploring with a nice glass of locally sourced wine. The Pahrump Valley Winery (on the eastern edge of town) and the Sanders Family Winery (on the southern edge of town) each host daily wine tastings and informative tours of their respective properties. Discover the unique challenges and discoveries that come with wine-making in the Nevada desert.

Death Valley Days

Do you prefer endless mountain vistas to bright lights and colorful casinos? With a sprawling 3.4-million acres of desert and mountains, Death Valley National Park has a wealth of natural wonders to explore. As fortune would have it, visitors to Pahrump enter the park through its headquarters, known as the Furnace Creek Area. Park permits, maps and the latest informing about road conditions can all be found at the visitor center. Park Rangers are also on hand to field questions about activities and attractions.

Hiking in the park’s narrow Golden Canyon is a favorite activity, where golden-hued badlands await within. There are two options for hikers—a two-mile round trip or a four-mile loop that makes the return via Gower Gulch.

Other park highlights include the views from Zabriskie Point. It is surrounded by vividly colored badlands and shows off a spectacular view of the park. Zabriskie Point becomes prime real estate during sunrise and sunset, when visitors want to see the sun rise and fall on the horizon. Be prepared for a short walk uphill from the parking area to catch these views. It is also considered the best vantage point from which to see Manly Beacon, a famous natural rock spire.

Local Treasures

Back at Pahrump, there are still plenty of attractions to enthrall. The Pahrump Valley Museum offers an important collection of local artifacts, wildlife specimens and documents illuminating the culture and heritage of the region.

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