Tech Tips: A Nifty Battery Water Filler

Get a charge out of this nifty battery water filler.

The placement of batteries in some motorhomes can make them difficult to service. I found an easy, fool-proof tool that works for any battery, regardless of location.

Purchase a one-gallon or smaller garden pump sprayer. Remove the wand attachment, leaving the hose and trigger assembly. Add distilled water to the sprayer’s tank, pump a few times to add air pressure and squirt the water into each battery cell with no mess or overfill.

Dennis Schaible, Bumpass, Virginia

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  1. Anonymous

    great idea.

  2. Anonymous

    Great tip on filling battery

  3. Anonymous

    Awesome idea, glad I saw it and will get one right away.

  4. Anonymous

    Great idea! I for one can use it.

  5. Anonymous

    Good Idea!!

  6. Anonymous

    Possibly even better, saw off part of the wand for a bit of “reach.”

  7. Anonymous

    How does this filler prevent an overfill?
    Charlie Norton

  8. Anonymous

    Always wear safety glass to protect your eye from splatter.

  9. Anonymous

    Always wear safety glass to protect your eyes from splatter.

  10. Anonymous

    Thats a good idea..and a Turkey baster works really well also

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    Great idea!

  13. Anonymous

    Ok I will try it. It will probably over fill it’s hard to see into mine.

  14. Anonymous

    Don’t pump too much, or the spray could splash back some acid from the battery on you!!

  15. Anonymous

    Great idea, however I use a turkey baster, saves space.

  16. Anonymous

    My problem is being able to see when it has enough water… Can’t get over the top of the batteries to see