See The USA The Easy Way—136 Loop Tours

So, you’re finally living your dream and are living on the road in your RV. After you’ve visit every national park, seen every major league baseball stadium and visited every civil war battlefield, what’s next? Traveling full-time in an RV is a lifestyle, and you’re no longer in vacation mode where you have to see everything you can in two weeks. Take the time when in a state to see why it’s unique and it will have something to see and do and offer a special experience or adventure.

Most full-time RVers have a library in their RV. Most of the books in the library have to do with maintenance or travel.

My favorite book in my library is no longer in publication but still available from Amazon. It was printed by Readers Digest and is titled See The USA The Easy Way—136 Loop Tours to 1200 Great Places. This is a hardbound book and features 136 loop tours in 50 states. There are sometimes multiple loops within a state that cover historic towns, museums and famous landmarks. The tours are shown in map form with color pictures with numbered places and a narrative about the place. This book also contains numerous sections, such as how to look for travel bargains, being safe and secure and planning in advance.

So during my travels through a state, I reference this book, pick a loop, find an RV park as a base and travel the loop. Based on my interests sometimes, I only travel part of the loop. I supplement the loop information with information I find in visitor centers and state visitor centers. America has a diverse culture, geography and history and is an amazing place to explore.

Did I mention you can buy this book on Amazon for $0.01 plus shipping?

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