RV Tech Tip: A Hose of Plenty

rv tech tip for water hookups

RV Tech Tip for water hookups: a hose of plenty.  

When hooking up at the campground-water faucet, a 25-foot hose is often a bit excessive. Whether it’s sunny or not, the coiled-up 25-footer generally acts as a heat sink, making the water too warm before it enters the trailer.

To solve this, I cut a 25-foot hose into three pieces (two 10 feet and one 5 feet in length). I purchased two sets of 3⁄8-inch repair connectors to make three complete hoses. Now, I have five hose lengths to choose from: 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet (one 5-footer and one 10-footer), 20 feet (two 10-footers) and 25 feet (using all three). I find that most of the time the 5- or 10-footers will do. It keeps things clean, and I don’t have to drain all the excess water from a longer hose length.

This RV Tech Tip for water hookups will come in handy for those hot days when you want your H20 as cool as possible!

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James H. Jipping, Holland, Michigan

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