Pet-Proofing Your RV: 3 Ways to Keep Fido in Check

Keep your scamp from making a big mess

pet proofing your rv

Pet Proofing Your RV with Good Sam.

RVing with pets is fun. Traveling with pet damaged RV interiors isn’t. Most RVers with animals will endure an interior catastrophe at some point. Thankfully, these three ways to pet proof your RV can help minimize accidental abuse from beloved pets.

Crate Train Your Pet

Safely confining your pet is the best way to minimize RV pet damage. A crate keeps animals safe when the RV is moving. And when you’re away from camp, a crate keeps pets from damaging your RV interior. As a bonus, a crate trained dog or cat who becomes ill can heal in a quiet den that sick animals crave.

Carry Baby Gates for Dogs

Crate training a cat or a feisty dog can be a losing battle. In these instances, baby gates are your next best defense for dogs. Lightweight baby gates can fit under your RV bed. Place them in strategic areas to keep your dog inside a small, comfortable corner in your home on wheels when you’re not there.

Install Cat-Friendly Pet Nets—another way of pet proofing your RV

Pet nets can make great cat barriers. “I didn’t want to put my cats in crates because they would have lost it,” says RVer Cija Black. Instead of forcing her felines to adapt to crates, she installed a pet net typically used for passenger car interiors. The net keeps the cats confined to the bedroom while they’re away.

RVing with pets is a trade-off. Your carpets might get stained and furniture could get scratched occasionally. But most pet parents will agree that the animals add to our travels is worth a few dings inside the RV.

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Rene Agredano is a full-time RVer and location-independent entrepreneur with a love for writing, jewelry design and animal advocacy. Rene and her husband, Jim Nelson, became full-time RVers in 2007.


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  1. Anonymous

    I built kennels where the small couch used to be. Don’t forget to have a way to secure them immediately in the case of an emergency ( wife had a stroke while I was away, EMT had to respond to motorhome while she was put of it, but was able to secure them. They’re just protecting the owner!