Volunteering and the RV Lifestyle

rv volunteering

RV volunteering can help make the world a better place.

rv volunteering

Arizona Good Sam Club members clean up the highways.

RV volunteering does not mean just camp hosting. It could include working in visitor centers, building trails, or inventorying plants and wildlife. Volunteering today is a way of joining in a common project to help and benefit others. It is also a feel-good way of using your skills, talents, and wealth of knowledge to help make America a better place while having fun and meeting new people, and that’s something we RVers are pretty good at. There are many ways to RV-friendly volunteering project. In many cases, RVers can park their rigs right at the job site.

RV Volunteering With Good Sam

Visitors to Community section of GoodSam.com can find a bonanza of volunteer opportunities. Here, you can learn how to volunteer for Dogs for the Deaf, Adapt-A-Park and Adapt-a-Highway. RV travelers can participate in these charities in an individual basis or as part of a group.

When you join a Good Sam Chapter, you can significantly expand your volunteer horizons. Many of these RV-oriented groups focus on helping charities, while enjoying friendship and fellowship on the road. Find out how to join a Good Sam Chapter and hit the highway with friends.

RV Volunteering for Public Lands

Federal agencies, such as the National Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), list volunteer positions on their websites. The BLM volunteer program has an estimated value of roughly $22.5 million, according to the agency.

At the Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), volunteers can band birds at a national wildlife refuge, help raise fish at a national fish hatchery, conduct wildlife surveys, lead a tour and help restore fragile habitats.

RV Volunteering for Better Housing

RV Volunteering opportunities also abound for folks who want to help needy families.

rv volunteering

Habitat for Humanity volunteers

Habitat for Humanity, for example, describes their RV Care-A-Vanners program as, “a volunteer program (that) invites anyone who travels by recreational vehicle to make Habitat part of your journey — or even your destination. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary.”

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