Pet-Friendly RV Tourist Destinations

Pet-Friendly RV Tourist Destinations

Pet-friendly RV tourist destinations welcome your four-legged passengers.

RVing pets don’t always need to stay behind when you want to explore a city. If you’re traveling to San Diego, Tucson or San Antonio, you’ll love these offbeat pet-friendly tourist attractions. From wine bars to museums, Fido will be one happy fella if you see the sights together.

Sun and Surf in San Diego

Pet-Friendly RV Tourist Destinations

San Diego, California, is a great place to splash around together. In San Diego you can rent a paddleboard at venues like Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddleboard. At sunset, go sip wine with your surf buddy at The Wine Pub in Point Loma. The enclosed dog-friendly patio even has its own doggy menu. For extra fun, stroll the Spanish Village Art Center, a working artist colony with free admission and a dog-friendly attitude.

Doggie Desert Delights in Tucson

In Arizona, Tucson is one of the most dog-friendly snowbird hot spots in the Southwest. This desert city welcomes canines and humans to cool off at places like Bookmans, a books and entertainment mecca. Other interesting pet-friendly attractions include the Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Pima Air And Space Museum, which even has on-site day care for small and medium dogs.

Pet-Friendly RV Tourist Destinations in San Antonio

In Texas, go beyond the Alamo and explore more San Antonio history. Offbeat tours like the River City Run and Bad Wolf Ghost Tours let your pal join in the fun. For an authentically historic experience, pack a picnic and head to the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. You and your leashed pet can stroll the grounds and marvel at the architecture of historic missions.

Remember to carry extra water, sun and heat protection for your buddy. With more pet-friendly tourist spots than ever before, there’s no end to the fun you can have together.

Find Good Sam parks in San Diego, San Antonio or Tucson.

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  1. Anonymous

    Don’t forget the national forests welcome RV pets, too. They just need to on a leash or under control at all times.

  2. Anonymous

    Give me more. Maybe a regular/monthly article. The is great.

  3. Anonymous

    I have found that pet friendly – is a very ambiguous & discriminatory term – This is our first cross country trip in our RV and I have to say that I am very disappointed in the lack of knowledge people have for certain dog breeds. It literally took me 4 hours on the Good Sam trip planning site just to find a place for us to stay in the Chandler AZ area because of their breed discrimination. we never did find a spot and could not even locate a resort w/in 40 miles of there that actually accepts all dogs. this is very disappointing – I would have thought that in this day & age people would be a little more knowledgable that to think that the breed or size of dog is a factor in behavior. I would love to see the Good Sam club make a nation wide list of true pet friendly RV parks. I for 1 could really use that information when booking my next trip.

    • As the pet parent to a German Shepherd, I know exactly what you mean. But what I’ve found after 10 years of full-time RVing is that it’s not necessarily about the park management’s lack of knowledge about breeds, it’s about their insurance company. Many property insurance companies have breed restrictions they impose on policy holders. This seems to be more prevalent in retiree and snowbird meccas like Chandler. I don’t know why that is. But if a park has any mention of my breed not being allowed on the premises, I simply choose another place to go where I won’t feel unwelcome. The beauty of this lifestyle is we have lots of Good Sam parks to choose from.

  4. Anonymous

    I have a black Labrador retriever that runs about 80 pounds. We usually stay at KOA campgrounds because they have an enclosed dog run. He doesn’t like to do his business when he is on the leash so this is a big help. We have never had a problem with the campground ground refusing him for his size or his breed. The times we have stayed at other campgrounds we have never had a problem with them refusing to allow him to be there either.

  5. Anonymous

    We love the trend of parks having dog runs so my cooped up puppy can actually run without her leash. Thank you to those who have upgraded. This is a definite consideration when choosing a campground!

  6. Anonymous

    Please keep the dog crap out of my area of camping!!!!
    Would like a list of places with NO fricking dogs!!

  7. Anonymous

    NO Dogs!!

  8. Anonymous

    I am a dog owner and travel with my dogs. I would really appreciate it, if all dog owners would be diligent about cleaning up after their dogs. I have witnessed those who don’t! But, please don’t lump all of us in that category by encouraging campgrounds to not allow dogs! What a boring world without them it would be. Find a hotel if you don’t want dogs around.

  9. Anonymous

    To the no pets: we clean up after our dog which is more than I can say about some campers personal campsites without no dogs. I want a camp w no grouch.

  10. Anonymous

    I would love to see someone that would share the various areas of the country and campgrounds along with their limits on dogs along with any breed restrictions. As an RVer on the eastern coast there is nothing that shares this information and as a former dog rescuer I have 6 dogs now and ALL are my 4 legged children. I got a camper so I could take my dogs with me on vacation. Of course I did not have 6 at the time I purchased the camper. I rescue and rehabilitate dogs for their future home but have become attached to the 6 that remain with me. This information would be great to know in advance and would also allow me the opportunity to train them also.

    • Good Sam Camping

      Pet restrictions are included in the RV park listings of the Good Sam RV Travel & Savings Guide–if you have the book, see page 120 to learn where to find this information. As far as pet policies in state parks, etc., some research is required. A great place to start is RVing With Pets at

  11. Anonymous

    Bar Harbor, Maine was one of the BEST pet friendly places we have been to so far. There is a free shuttle that picks you up at your campground that allows dogs and it brings you to all kinds of different places. We took our dog downtown with us and one store actually had a printed list of all the bars and restaurants he was allowed in with us…there was over 30 places! So after we hiked a couple of different trails with him, we would go and hit happy hour and he had a blast! So much more fun than just leaving him behind….

  12. Walking Tours of Austin is also Dog Friendly! We provide morning walks and ghost tours and your pup can come along. Check out our website for more info