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Creating a Wi-Fi Network Within Your Coach

Improving WiFi functionality within an RV is a continual challenge. A TechnoRV Desktop WiFi booster may help to improve your WiFi signal strength. The addition of repeater, will also help create an internal network that will boost the signal strength to each of those devices.

In the past, boosters were not as user-friendly for multiple devices, because you needed to connect the booster directly to your computer via a USB cable. Then you needed to install the drivers on each computer that you wanted to use with the booster. This meant that you could use only one computer at a time with the booster via its USB cable. Also, because of the driver requirement, you could not use the booster with an iPad, Tablet or Smartphone.

Now with the technology of the TechnoRV Desktop WiFi Booster, you only need to plug your booster into one ALFA Network WiFi Repeater. Then configure this repeater by telling it which WiFi signal you wish to boost (typically an RV Park’s signal*) for your use. Of course, you can “grab” the park’s signal easier if you have an outside antenna. You will still enter any passwords the Park’s signal requires. The repeater takes the boosted WiFi signal from your WiFi booster and re-broadcasts it within your RV, creating a new local WiFi hotspot within the RV. Remember to give this new “hotspot” signal a name and password to stop others from using it along with you. Finally, simply sign in wirelessly from your computer, or any number of other devices, to the new WiFi hotspot you’ve created.

*If you have a WiFi account through a cable company, you may also be able to find a hotspot connection provided by your cable company that is stronger than the often-lousy WiFi connection you typically find in many RV Parks. Using your home account information and the cable company’s website, you can setup the login for their hotspot by creating a user name and password. While not capable of streaming movies, this hotspot will yield functional speed for email or web browsing through hotspot connections they’ve placed near many metropolitan areas.

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