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November 21, 2011

Members Helping Members

Among the many benefits of being a Good Sam Club member is having ready access to over 1,600 Standby Sams across the U.S. and Canada. Volunteers in the Standby Sams program – Good Sam members themselves – stand ready to lend a helping hand and give valuable advice to their fellow members whenever they are contacted.


Launched in 1983, the Standby Sams program was organized after many Good Sam members reported being assisted by other members when they ran into problems or just needed some assistance while on the road. Since then, Standby Sams have helped hundreds of Good Sam members by providing information on campgrounds, repair services, nearby medical facilities, good restaurants and more, including routing information.

Real Hands To Help

“I was phoned by someone in the Midwest, wanting to know about the best routes getting here, along with what might be more scenic than the Interstates. I told him to get out his road atlas and I guided him along the most scenic routes and the quickest routes, in case he found himself short on time. “Helping people plan a route for their trip offers the most rewards because you know they’re going to really enjoy themselves if they follow that certain route that I know is a wonderful, scenic drive.”

– Life Member and Standby Sam Larry Crocker of Norfolk, Virginia

Find a Standby Sam Near You

We’re always looking for more volunteers. If you wish to become a part of this important effort, Click here for the Standby Sam Volunteer Application.

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