The Good Sam Club Salutes Our Soldiers

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June 22, 2012

The Good Sam Club is honoring our active military personnel by providing complimentary memberships into the Club. It is our way of saluting and thanking our soldiers for the service that they provide to our country.

Active military personnel can activate their complimentary membership by showing their military ID at any Camping World SuperCenter nationwide or by calling Member Services at 1-800-234-3450. Free membership applies to the name on the active military ID only.

The free membership term is based on the number of years left on the service member’s military ID card. If the service member is already a member of the Good Sam Club, then we will simply extend their membership to match the term on the military ID card.

To learn more about our complimentary military memberships, call 1-800-234-3450.

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  1. Larry

    That is a good thing that you are doing for the active military, are you doing any thing with the 100% DAV that still have a military ID.

  2. Jim

    This is a really good thing. And,… any plans for anything for any veteran still holding a military ID or other proof of military service???

  3. Leon

    Awesome, I am retired with an Active Duty Military ID for life, so does this not apply to those members as well? I have an Active Duty ID???

  4. Lee

    I am retired combat wounded with an ID, does this apply to us?

  5. Semper Fi.

    What a great perk for the Military. My 2 sons can have a field day with this membership.

    Charter Life Member

  6. Paul Allen

    What about the Veterans who have already served their country. Don’t they count? The Vietnam veterans were a forgotton lot, they were not welcomed home like the veterans are now. That’s a good thing, but we still fought for our country and many lives were lost. All active military AND veterans should get the same benefit.

  7. Leon

    I just spoke to 2 people and the first said that yes I qualify. The second rep that I spoke to said it is only for Members still fighting for the country. I explained that I have an Active Duty Id card and she is forwarding this to the CEO for clarification. Not sure how this is going to play out since so many combat veterans now keep their id cards for life. I was told that their is a Lifetime Membership for $149 for veterans. So I will wait to see if they honor my Active Duty Id card or not. I see this email becoming a problem for them with so many injured soldiers out there. It’s going to be hard to pick and choose.

  8. Jack Brown

    That is wonderful what you are doing for our Active Duty Military personell. Thank You.

    I see that many are asking about other military. I am retired U.S. Navy with 20 years of service and three tours in Vietnam (65, 68, & 72). If it becomes available great. If not that is OK too. Thank you again for what you are doing for our Active Duty men and women.

  9. Gerald NIdy

    Paul Allen and others, there is/was (?) in fact a $149 lifetime membership for Vets. I’ve been working on it for 3 days. 🙁 It says to call the 800 number but good luck with that. There was a site that had a space to attach a file of proof (such as a DD214 I suppose) but that seems to have disappeared. Hopefully they’ll get this straightened out and let us all know when in an email.

    Thanks to all active and Vets!! Happy and safe 4th to all!

    Good Sam says: Gerald, we certainly apologize for the delayed response regarding your Life membership upgrade. Please email [email protected] along with your membership number, and we will check on the status of your application right away. Thanks for your patience and for desiring to be a Life member!

  10. Brad

    I sent my info in for the $149.00 lifetime membership with proof of service when the first email appeared, I have clalled and the wait time was to long so I left a call back number, the email was over two weeks ago and the phone call was early last week. I have yet to receive a return call or confirmation of receipt of my proof of service. I have been a member of Good Sam only for a year now but if this is the way they treat customers not sure if I want to remain a member.

    Good Sam says: Brad, we’re very sorry in the delay of your Life membership upgrade. Please email [email protected] along with your membership number, and we will check into this right away. Thanks for your patience and for desiring to be a Life member!

  11. Phil

    Great to see Good Sams is still making an effort for Active Duty and Vets (Life member received under there Veteran program ) when so many companies have stopped honoring Vets but anyway keep trying them at there # & fax your ID orand DD215 when asked
    Semper Fi

  12. Tom

    (As a retired military and a lifetime Good Sam member) – Give them some time to sort this out – Good Sam is not a “large organization” with lots of staff to work these issues, they just recently merged with Camping World so still shaking the bugs out, also with the recent Rally just completed (not making excuses, just providing some background).

    – I now work for the Army (DAC) was not aware that “combat veterans now keep their id cards for life” as Leon addresses above. I need to ask, are you sure it is not the CAC card registered as retired, now that you can keep them? If you have a DD Form 2 card for retirees, if wounded and medically retired – is there now a different card? My VA (Dept of Vet Affairs) is separate — I will also caveat Gerald: Thanks to all active and Vets!! Happy and safe 4th to all!

  13. Leon

    Tom, I turned in my ID card at separation and received another Green ID card with all privileges for life and the Expiration date states “INDEF” now. I did receive full retirement due to my injuries and 100% Service Connected from the VA, so not sure if that is why. I am also not sure how long they have been issuing these cards, but I have had mine for a few years now. I have never had any problems ever using my ID until today when I contacted Good Sams after receiving their email about the free membership.


  14. Bob Genc

    Being a disabled Vietnam Veteran, I have always questioned the true focus of using our country’s heroes as a vehicle to promote their advertising agendas. Many companies do it. They make some offer or show some recognition for Military, Police or Firefighters and end the media piece with their corporate presentation. We all see it frequently.
    Is a free membership of any significant benefit to a current member of the armed forces? I expect there was a lot of consideration as to their financial exposure before they made this offer. It doesn’t cost them a dime. Not sure how many RV parks are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea or other dangerous front line situations.
    Everyone will have to make their own decision. Keep your eye on the ball for the manipulation and opportunists.
    I have much appreciation for the support and recognition for current and former individuals and their families serving the American people.

  15. Leon

    Bob, You nailed it! I was thinking the exact thing when the rep told me today that it was for people currently fighting for our Country and I almost asked her how many RV sites or clubs do they have in Afghanistan or Iraq. Did not want to be too rude, but does my injuries 4 years ago not justified this even with a valid ID. But of course it is just a PR promotion and they want to do it as cheaply as possible.

  16. Charles Green

    As outined above, it is a good thing but , what about those who have served. Seems that is always a problem, we dont seem to count. I have been a good sam paying member since back in the seventies. Now I wish I had it all back.

  17. We’re so excited that you’re all very supportive of our new complimentary membership program! We truly appreciate our current military personnel as well as our retired veterans. In addition to the complimentary memberships for those who are currently servicing in the armed forces, we also are honoring our veterans by offering them discounts on upgrades to Life membership. These individuals can upgrade their current membership to Life for only $149, which is a 50% savings off of this valuable membership. This Life upgrade offer is exclusive to current Good Sam members only, and is available to all veterans as well as those with Active Military IDs for Life or those with Active Undetermined Military IDs. To enroll in this offer, please contact member services at 1-800-234-3450. Thank you all in your interest in Good Sam memberships!

  18. Velvet Allen

    I need to log on I don’t remember my pass word .
    I did pay the fee for joining the Good Sam’s club last month however
    I have not received anything as conformation and I need this by July19,2012.
    Velvet Allen

    Good Sam says: I checked on your account and it doesn’t show an online password currently associated with your membership. Your membership is active though – just not your online Good Sam account. You can set one up very easily though by registering on the website. Simply click the link below to get started. Note that you will need your membership number handy. If you have any problems with registration or logging in, please email [email protected]. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  19. Liz Bard

    I am a Vietnam Era vet and a life member of Good Sam. I got my life memebership last year and paid the full price. When did this 50% off Life Membership for vets take effect?

    Service members use their RVs and trailers when changing duty stations and transporting their families. We have met several families who were living in their trailers or RVs at military famcamps while waiting for on base/post housing or when they have checked out of housing preparing to transfer to a new duty station.

  20. Liz – the promotion regarding Life membership become active along with the latest edition of Highways which was mailed to you around Monday, 6/14. If you would like to discuss your life membership upgrade further, you can by reaching out to Member Services at 1-800-234-3450. Thanks for being a Good Sam Life member!

  21. Ed Lisowski

    This is good, but for those of us who served, this is a slap in the face,but rather a upper cut. Remember Good Sam, there are a lot of us RVers who are WW 11 Korea, Vietman, other wars, conflicts, Disabled vets and others who are still around and own a RV. What would happen if we all decided to shop some where else for our RV supplies?????

  22. vgs

    I was so excited about this until I realized it was only for active military. Those who are 100% disabled due to serving our country and who are re-living every moment of their service 24/7 apparently aren’t included.

  23. Michael

    As a retired disabled 22 year Navy veteran I did not serve for what I could get free. I am happy to pay my annual dues. Shame on the rest of you camplaining about not getting something for free.

  24. martha yount

    Thank you for the excellent service.

  25. Great news! To honor our retired veterans, we are offering up Life upgrades to your current Good Sam memberships to veterans for only $149 (Reg. $299). Thank you to all who have served and those who are currently serving as well.

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  27. Marilyn

    Hello there

    Can you tell me if this is for Canadians as well?

    Thank you


    Good Sam says: Yes, active military personnel in the Canadian Forces can also take adventage of this “thank you” offer.

  28. Jeff

    Not included in previous military service myself, although family members, father, brother, uncles etc. served in a number of tours here and abroad. Additionally, a number of family, friends etc have seerved the public for many years. Yes I seem to agree with the majority and am thankful for the discounts that are offered to those who have served, but please offer this as a GREAT TAHNK-YOU, and consideration for the minimal pay they recieve, not a ploy or advertisement scheme. I want to close by thanking all those who have served to allow me to enjoy the continuous freedom my family and I have. I make sure when I notice not only military, but also public servants, police, and fire, I thank them for their contribuitons to our communities, country and world of safety. Good Luck & Be Safe! ! !