3 Tips for RVing with Dogs in Winter

winter rv dog

Winter RV dog travels — keeping your pet warm on the road.

Dogs wear permanent sweaters, but fur isn’t always enough to keep them warm during cold weather. Short hair or long, your pup will thank you for trying out these three easy tips for RVing with dogs in winter.


winter rv dogCreate a Cozy Sleeping Area

Chilly drafts can find their way into event the best RVs. That cold air sinks right to the floor, where your pet bed is probably located. Take the edge off a chilly night by moving your dog’s bed away from drafty areas, like windows. An elevated pet bed is an even better idea. These beds help pets stay warmer by conforming to the body and keeping it up off the cold floor.


winter rv dogGather a Winter Wardrobe

Pet clothing for dogs serves a higher purpose than fashion. It can protect your dog from the elements and keep your RV clean when Mother Nature is making a mess outside. A rain slicker for dogs helps fur stay clean when you go on potty walks, and a fun doggy t-shirt underneath can add a layer of warmth on cool evenings.


winter rv dogWinter RV Dog Travels — Protect Those Paws

Dog paws are tough, but they still need protection from the elements. Snow and de-icing chemicals are especially hard on paw pads, so if you’ll be in a snowy area, consider training your pooch to wear dog boots. Your pup may need some coercing to wear them, so plan ahead and go slow on the introduction process. With enough treats and positive reinforcement, most dogs will adapt to shoes.

Cold winter weather is a fun, but don’t forget that your dog needs protection from the elements just like you do. Invest in good canine camping gear and those adventures can be cozier and safer than ever for your best travel buddy.

Rene Agredano

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