Tech Topics: Snug in a Bed

I use a Ford Ranger as a dinghy vehicle with my Class C motorhome. I found that items I carried in the bed of the pickup slid to the front during transit. To solve the problem, at no cost, I took the light cones off an old pole lamp and cut the pole to fit across the truck bed. The spring-loaded mechanism holds the pole in place and works as a good solution to keep boxes of tools, firewood or other items secured in the back of the truck. They can also be easily accessed when the tailgate is open.

Ken Davis, Puyallup, Washington

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  1. Anonymous

    Tension shower curtain rod works just as well, but in the Silverado trucks, one can cut a 2″x6″ board to lay across the bed in the rear to form a boxed in area.

  2. Anonymous

    a bungee cord wood do the same thing

  3. Anonymous

    Years ago I found a “bed bar” that is designed to do exactly what this depicts. It is easily adjustable to allow use anywhere across the bed. I use it often to transport items in the back of my pick-up. Though I must question the wisdom of leaving items in the back of a towed pick-up, seems like an accident waiting to happen.

  4. Anonymous

    My husband did the same thing with an inexpensive shower rod.

  5. Anonymous

    An extendable shower curtain rod also works.