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2018 Guide to Towing — Make the Right Tow Vehicle Match

Get the ultimate RV towing guide for 2018. Trailer Life’s 2018 Guide to Towing is packed with the information you need to match your towable RV with the right tow vehicle. The guide lists the tow limits, engine info and other key details related to pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, minivans and passenger vehicles from major manufacturers.

Tech Tips: Ball and Trailer Coupler Reflection

An ingenious way for SUV drivers to hitch up to their towables

I just bought a Chevy Tahoe SUV, and found an easy way to view the hitch ball and trailer coupler while hitching up. I partially opened the rear-window hatch until I could see a perfect reflection of the hitch in the smoked glass. Once that position was determined, I added two wire hooks to a

Tech Tips: Stand Up Hitch

I’ve seen many suggestions for storing and moving a fifth-wheel hitch, so I thought I’d share mine. I designed a stand for the hitch that is the same height as the pickup’s tailgate. I used scrap 2x4s and locking casters for its construction. I put the stand against the tailgate, lock the casters, lay two