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Seattle Festivals, Sports & More: From Your Stay at Lake Pleasant RV Park

Want a reason to celebrate? Seattle is your place! Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Technology companies are booming and bringing more people to the area. The temperate climate is attractive as a retirement area. There’s something for everyone in Seattle and the surrounding area. Music Festivals Seattle has over

Come Celebrate One of Lafayette’s Best Free Festivals

The last week of April along the streets of downtown Lafayette and residents are decked out in hats, dancing shoes and smiles for the annual Festival International de Louisiane . Refrains of “Happy festival!” are everywhere. At the apex of spring Lafayette’s downtown turns festival mode for the annual Festival International de Louisiane, the largest

Mumford and Sons Come to Taos

The small town of Taos, NM, with a population of about 5000 persons, experienced the supreme pleasure of hosting the award winning band, Mumford and Sons, along with 8000 fans in a delightful outdoor venue in early June, 2013. I write this not so you can bemoan the fact that you were not in attendance