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Mark My Words, January: Keep the Power Flowing

This month we’ll talk about converters, battery charging, blown fuses, and tank cleaning. Remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected] Mark, I’ve heard a number of comments made about changing out the dumb OEM converter for a smart one. We still have the original converter in our 1996 Itasca Sunrise. There are no problems

Installing Your Auto Start Generator

Auto start generator controllers are a great feature.  But, like any other product, you have to understand it to get the most out of it.  We will look at the primary purpose of this machine and discuss setting up your auto start generator. Basically, this device constantly monitors your house batteries to determine their state of charge. 

Winter Battery Storage & Maintenance

I was recently asked a question and felt like the answer could be useful to lots of RVers, so I am using the question as the topic for this article. Q: Hi Mark, we live in Colorado and we are preparing our RV for storage. I just had the RV winterized, but I am concerned about