SaniCon System

Awhile ago, we looked at RV sewage systems and primarily focused on user tips for the most common system, the 3” gravity hose type (Stinky slinky). Today we will discuss the operation and user tips of the 12 volt powered SaniCon System.

There are two models currently being used, the 1” output unit and the 1 ½” Turbo model. The main difference is the discharge flow rate.  The 1” unit will macerate and pump up to 10 gallons per minute.  The Turbo model is capable of doing it at over 40 gallons a minute.  Both are equipped with a built-in macerator that liquefies the sewage and a pump that propels it out through the discharge hose.

The biggest advantage of the SaniCon System is the quick, no mess hookup and unhooking task. There is no threading on and off a dump port adaptor.  Likewise, no feeding the large hose under and aligning it to couple up.  And finally, no time wasted trying to get the stretched “Stinky Slinky” to fit back in the hose carrier.

The SaniCon has the ability to pump the sewage further and to a higher elevation. To reach an extended distance dump, screw a ¾” garden hose where the 1” output cap fits.

When you connect up in camp, and both tanks are empty, make sure the black tank valve is off. Open the grey tank gate valve and leave it so.  There is a slow by-pass line that will keep allowing your grey water to dissipate.  Don’t be alarmed if your grey tank level monitor shows some water in the tank after you shower.  The by-pass drains much slower than your freshwater flow.

When setting up to dump the tanks, be sure that your grey tank has at least some water in it. Merely take the small discharge hose to the dump port.  Remove the small cap with the opening facing up.  Now turn it to face down over the dump port and turn it clockwise to lock on the threaded portion.

The sequence will be black emptied first and then the grey.  However, open the grey briefly and switch the pump on to verify everything is working right.  It is far less messy to correct a loose connection at the dump port with grey water than with black.

There is little to no maintenance required with the SaniCon. However, some matter like hair can gather in the macerator.  This may build up and cause internal damage.  Therefore methods to reduce such matter should be adopted.  Things like installing drop-in cleanable screens in shower drains are very effective.

Always stay with your SaniCon while it is operating. Be sure to turn off the unit as soon as you hear the pump running freely, indicating it is empty.  Failure to do this will cause pump damage.

The SaniCon System makes the outdoor RV sewage tasks a breeze. If you look after yours it will serve you well for years.

Peter Mercer – With Kudos For SaniCon

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