Meet RV Lifestyle Blogger Peter Mercer

May 22, 2017

RV lifestyle blogger Peter Mercer conveys his experiences on the road.

As a regular blogger for Good Sam, I enjoy sharing my RV experiences and insights with readers. From technical topics to travel destinations, I write about the full range of the RV travel lifestyle.

I started RVing in 1993,  am currently on my fifth motorhome and have logged  about 15,000 miles every year. I am not a full-timer, though I do spend about five months per year traveling extensively throughout North America. My journeys have taken me to every state in the continental U.S., including Alaska, and every province and territory in Canada.

My favorite RV cruising area starts in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, and then runs the entire Pacific coast from Cannon Beach, Oregon, to San Diego, California. Breathtaking views abound where the mountains meet the sea. Throughout these regions, there are unlimited attractions combined with a variety of temperate zones.

I now live on Vancouver Island after many years operating two businesses in eastern Canada. I was involved in the designing and manufacturing of specialized automated industrial equipment. In addition, my last post was engaged in providing advanced communication and tracking solutions for government and corporate clients. In contrast, the RV lifestyle was a pleasant escape and provides a great hobby to retire to. Life is good!

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  1. Anonymous

    We live in the Okanagan in a small town of Okanagan Falls , on Skaha Lake. It’s so beautiful here We find it hard to load up the motorhome and go any where else.

  2. Peter Mercer

    Peter Mercer

    I know the area you live in well. I certainly don’t blame you for having difficulty finding a nicer place to be. Thanks for your input.

  3. Anonymous

    I need a heat sensor for our Winnebago View RV to protect the show dogs. If the diesel generator shuts off the a/c goes out and the heat goes up. I have been looking for the past month to find a product that would notify me thru my iPhone if the heat goes beyond programmed setting. Is there a product out there?

  4. Peter Mercer

    Peter Mercer

    Well of course given today’s technology this is available. However, I would think you would like to accomplish this with a reasonably cost in mind. To meet this WiFi will be required on sight or a wireless network through a cellular supplier. Some RV electronics are WiFi ready such as Silver Leaf Electronics needing only an optional module. It can also be done with a stand-alone wireless control/monitor system. Another solution would be a camera like the Nest Drop Cam focused on an in-house thermometer gauge. Additional cameras could also be used to physically observe the dogs. The cost for say 3 cameras would be about $600. or so. (These are truly “Plug and Play” requiring only to be plugged into an A/C outlet. No other wiring needed)) However, keep in mind that if you rely on a WiFi connection at a park, and there is a total power outage which would include the WiFi, you will only get a “Camera Off Line” message.
    Anyway, that are some thoughts for you. I think such systems would give you some comfort while you are away from the RV. I personally use a Drop Cam in my RV to check on my dog while I’m away from the coach. It works well and certainly gives me peace of mind.
    I hope this is of some help.

    Peter Mercer